How to Choose the Best Bird Cages

Posted by Brenda Ana on November 25th, 2021

When you decide to get a pet bird, you must realize the level of responsibility involved. You have to provide many bird supplies, observe its behavior, look into the right diet, find the best bird cages, and offer a loving home where it can thrive. Even choosing a cage seems daunting and challenging, because you don’t know which one is suitable. At a pet shop you will find so many types, sizes, and styles to choose from, and the key is to learn what suits your pet best.

Why Search for Bird Cages

Birds need their dedicated space. Even if you plan to leave them out in the house occasionally, they need to have their own home. Just like you would buy bedding for your cat or dog, a fish tank, rabbit cage, you must do the same for your feathered friend. The internal space in bird cages is crucial and you have to consider it first. Your bird’s health will be affected directly if the cage is too small, because they don’t have enough room to spread their wings, to move around. Soon enough, you will witness how sad it becomes, depressed and how it develops a negative behavior.

If you want to purchase or adopt a large parrot, then you need room inside the house for a large cage. It should be spacious enough to fit inside another bird. The parrot should be able to spread its wings easily, and with enough room to place toys inside, food and water bowls, a swing, and other accessories. Many people care about design, and they want a cage that suits their home as well. You can choose a cage that complements the color of your feathered companion. There are many great designs available on the market, and there is no need to stick with something standard.

What Bird Cages to Choose

The material of bird cages matters a lot as well. If you want an easy to maintain product, that is very durable in the same time, focus on stainless steel. You might need to pay extra for such products, but you have peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to replace the cage very soon, and your bird is protected inside. Damaging the cage is very difficult. Large birds can cause damage to the cage, by biting the bars, climbing on them. Smaller birds need stables cages as well, and they shouldn’t be able to pass through the bars.

The shape of the cage matters as well. Most people believe that a cage with a dome top is better, because birds have more room to fly around and to entertain themselves. The overall living area inside matters, so make sure your bird fits comfortably. Some owners let their companions fly around the house as they please, and they leave the door open to the cage, so they can go out and in whenever they want. However, if you want your bird to stay safely and securely inside, think about the bar spacing.

This is highly important when discussing about bird cages. If the space is too wide, the bird can try to escape and injure itself. Take into account your companion’s size and how much it grows, if you have a baby at home. You can always discuss this issue with your vet or with a pet shop specialist to make the right decision. It all depends on the breed you have, no matter how much room there is in your home and how much you want to occupy. Your pet’s safety should always come first.

Birds spend most of the time inside the cage, so it is your responsibility to make sure the environment is spacious, safe, and comfortable. You can find the right cage with a bit of research, and then purchase it from a trusted pet shop. However, besides housing, your feathered friend requires other items to live a healthy and happy life. Diet is very important, and you need to diversify it as much as possible. Include pellets, seeds, fresh fruits, and vegetables. You can always offer some treats, especially if you want to engage better, and establish a healthy relationship.

What Bird Supplies to Buy

A perch, swing, toys, are among the essential bird supplies you need. The materials from which they are made must be non-toxic and durable, so you don’t end up with health issues and not knowing the case of them. A pet store can supply the necessary items, so you can rest assured there is nothing to worry about. Playing time is essential for every pet, and you can choose from so many options. There are special toys for foraging, biting, cuddling, to keep the beak healthy, and such. Always make sure toys are in good condition, and switch them regularly so that your companion does not get bored easily.

The good news is that a pet shop usually categorizes products depending on the type of pet you have. Especially when you buy online, you can easily choose from essential bird supplies. Another good example of a purchase would be a hiding place. You play and engage with your bird, but at a certain point it needs privacy and to feel safe from others. You can place the hiding place inside the cage, and witness how your bird makes the most of it.

First aid kits should be available in the household, because you never know when you will use them. Maybe your pet gets insured and you should apply some treatment right away. Also, perhaps you need supplements to keep your companion healthy. Birds require their nails trimmed, and if you are bold enough to do it yourself, purchase trimmers. You can find such bird supplies at a pet shop.

Some bird supplies are required from the moment you have the pet at home, while others are discovered along the way. The good news is that a pet shop has everything you need and especially if you buy online, you will save time.

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