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Posted by Modern Bazaar on November 25th, 2021

You wake up one fine Monday morning, a little groggy from the weekend activities, start your morning routine before logging in or going into work, prepare your breakfast, sit down to eat, get ready and go to make some coffee that will help you get energised and get through those gruesome Monday morning meeting, but alas, your coffee jar is empty and your whole day is thrown off! You just remembered that you had thought of going to the store in the morning but got caught up and start wondering if you should have ordered your items online. Buy coffee online with online grocery stores like Modern Bazaar that have a same day delivery option, you just have to wait a few hours and manage with some other beverage or ask your sweet neighbours by the time you get your doorstep grocery delivery and you can make your own coffee, your style, at least for the evening work rush.

What is Modern Bazaar and How Will it Help Me?

Basically, a virtual supermarket, Modern Bazaar is an online grocery store that carries items needed for essential use as well as for monthly household usage.

  • Offering various products from a wide range of categories by a plethora of brands, this store caters to all your daily, weekly and monthly needs.
  • With the slot delivery system, you can purchase items and select the time slot for delivery according to your own preference. If you order in the morning or afternoon, you can expect a same day delivery which is one of the most convenient options and, well, pretty revolutionary!  In the morning, if you check your fridge and notice that you do not have any vegetables left for your dinner’s mixed vegetable delicacy that you had planned for, then you can head over to the website and buy online fresh vegetables and get them delivered by the time you have to start preparing for supper.
  • At Modern Bazaar’s online store, you can also place your order at night for breakfast items (or any other items for that matter) like eggs, milk, cereals, exotic fruits, freshly baked goods, flat rice for Poha, atta and potatoes for your favourite Aloo Parathas and more and get them delivered by the time you wake up.
  • In this day and age of an ongoing pandemic, going out to purchase groceries in crowded stores in public places is usually not preferred by many. So, with online grocery stores, one can eliminate such risks and order from the safety of their homes.
  • Standing in long queues waiting to get your items billed and lugging back the heavy bags of your monthly items is definitely not a one-man task or even comfortable for many. If you buy coffee online and other daily/monthly items from Modern Bazaar like personal care items, household cleaning products, rice, grains, flours, spices, meats, poultry, seafood, cold cuts, baked goods, cookies, snacks, soaps, creams, sanitizers, masks, etc. you can be assured that you wouldn’t have to carry all those heavy items back home as they will be delivered to your home, right outside your doorstep. Just add to cart, select your slot, checkout payment options, make the purchase and relax and wait a very short period for your items from the comfort of your home.


Why to Buy Online Fresh Vegetables?

Vegetables are an extremely perishable items and one cannot buy such an item in bulk as they have the tendency to get spoiled soon and sooner in case one delays the cooking of the vegetable soon after purchasing it. Going out to the local market every day to buy vegetables is not a feasible or safe option in a pandemic. So, the best option that is available is to buy online fresh vegetablesfrom online stores like Modern Bazaar and get them delivered to you fresh every morning along with other essentials. Head over to and have the best grocery shopping experience ever!

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