Important Tips for Your First Motorcycle Road Trip

Posted by Nadia Winget on November 25th, 2021

Motorcycle road trips are a great way to explore the country. However, it is important to have a checklist of items before leaving on your next motorcycle road trip, because you don’t want to be stranded somewhere with a problem, while going on an enjoyable and fun trip. Many things will need to be checked especially the condition of your motorbike, and you will need to replace things like tyres etc if needed. If you do need to replace these items you should know how to choose the right motorcycle tyre or spare parts to suit the make and model of bike you have. You can easily get motorcycle tyres in Sri Lanka through online stores, just like any other parts you may need.

Your motorcycle road trip checklist should include:

-      A map of the area you are riding through. This will help if someone is asking for directions, or your GPS dies while on the road. You can also use this map to plan out where you want to stop along the way.

-      Planning where all your stops will be before leaving on a ride makes it easier for everyone in the group. If one person has an emergency and needs to get home quickly, they won\'t hold up the rest of their group by needing time with them at various points during your journey.

-      Some snacks. There\'s no better feeling than stopping somewhere new after hours upon hours of riding that day only to find out that there isn\'t any food available nearby.

-      Checking your motorcycle tyres and other parts before leaving is important to ensure that you have a safe journey, and get any replacement motorbike tyres in Sri Lanka quickly if they do need to be replaced.

-      Checking tyre pressure before you leave is also important to ensure that you have a safe journey.

-      Don\'t forget your motorcycle helmet. Riding without one is illegal in most places, and it\'s just dangerous to not have protection on your head while riding.

-      Having the right weather gear with you, such as gloves or extra jackets can help keep everyone warm or cool depending on where you are going or what time of year it is. It could also mean having an emergency spare for someone who gets stuck out there unexpectedly if their jacket rips too much for them to continue wearing after getting caught in a storm.

-      Take a wireless charger with you to charge your phone in an emergency.

These tips should help anyone planning out their first motorcycle road trip. They may seem simple but these small things make all of the difference when taking one long ride into unknown areas.

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