Different Types of Motorcycles and Their Targeted Riders

Posted by Nadia Winget on November 25th, 2021

Motorcycles are a popular mode of transportation and can be used for both recreation and commuting. There are many different types of motorcycles for sale in Sri Lanka, with each type targeting a certain type of rider. The target riders vary from vintage enthusiasts to commuters to motocross racers.

Choosing the right motorcycle for you should depend on what your specific transportation need is, and what style you prefer. There are a few things that will help determine the right motorcycle for you.

First, consider your transportation needs and what type of riding you plan on doing. Next figure out the size bike is best suited to your height and weight which can be found by reading about motorcycles online or in magazines.

Lastly, narrow down what styles interest you most such as t something vintage, sporty, or maybe just comfortable with an engine under 500cc\'s. Once all this has been figured out it will be much easier to find which models fit into each category. By considering these three points while shopping for a new bike it’s easy to find one that fits your life perfectly.

When buying a motorcycle there are many things to consider, first off there are two main types of motorcycles the standard and the sport type. Within these categories, some bikes have subcategories such as cruisers or dual sports.

Each different type of motorcycle is designed for a specific use, some are perfect for new riders while others are better suited towards experienced motorcyclists looking to perform more aggressive tricks and stunts. Let\'s take a look at the three most common styles of motorcycles available today.

Sport Bikes

Sport bikes are those that are best suited for the track. These motorcycles are designed for speed and agility, and they provide a thrilling ride to those who like going fast on two wheels. Even though racing is their primary purpose, sport bikes can also make good commuter vehicles because of how nimble. You will never feel like the bike is too big or cumbersome when taking turns at high speeds.

Sport bikes often come with large engines that produce an abundant amount of power; these machines might not be as comfortable during long rides compared to other types, but there\'s no denying just how exhilarating it feels once you\'re riding one down twisty road.

Touring Motorcycles

These are typically for riders who are on the larger side, as they offer plenty of legroom and space for storage. Touring motorcycles typically have large engines that produce a lot of power. It is perfect if you plan to ride with one or more passengers.


Standard Motorcycles

These typically offer the best balance between speed and fuel efficiency and it is great if you\'re on a budget and need fuel economy.

Cruiser Bikes

Cruisers often come with larger fuel tanks but lack speed due to their heavyweight. They also sit upright so they can be more difficult for some people to handle than other styles of motorcycle, however, this is exactly what makes them perfect for experienced motorcyclists who want a bike that will take everything they throw at it on both road and off-road conditions.

Many cruisers come with flashy paint jobs designed specifically to attract attention from onlookers as they pass them by. We often recommend that people who are looking to buy their first motorcycle start with a smaller engine bike.

However, there is nothing wrong with buying your dream cruiser right from the get-go. If you\'re an experienced rider and you know what type of riding you want to do, then going for a big engine can be great fun, it\'s not about speed but all about the power. The downside of large engines is that they use more fuel, so if you\'re planning long journeys, refuelling stops may become annoying as well as costly.


Scooters are also great if your need is to travel very short distances at a time, for example to the store. They are also very economical in fuel consumption terms, so if you commute by car and your city has pretty expensive gasoline prices then scooters will be a great alternative for short trips.

Solo motorcycles have much greater weight distribution over their wheels than other types of bikes, which makes them much easier to control when riding off-road or performing stunts. However, they can\'t accommodate more people as easily as cruisers or touring motorcycles do. Their smaller engines are ideal for highway traveling but not exactly efficient off-road because they don\'t provide enough power.

There are many benefits to choosing a motorcycle over a car or other larger vehicle, these being:

a)      They take up less space in parking lots and garages, making them ideal for city life when there is not much room to manoeuvre large vehicles like trucks or SUVs.

b)     The purchase price of a motorcycle is typically cheaper than that of an automobile; this can be attributed to their smaller size compared with cars and the fact that they do not require as much fuel either.

c)      Motorcycles are faster than bicycles but also easier to ride. So many people find it more appealing than choosing between these two modes of transport on routes where bicycling may be too strenuous, or driving may cause stress during rush hour traffic jams.

d)     Many motorcycles come equipped with features such as windshields, luggage racks, and other additional accessories in order to make their riders’ lives more convenient.

e)     Motorcycles are often used for short-distance commuting to work or school but can also be used as a form of recreational transportation due to the fun and excitement that they offer.

One downside is that motorcycles do not provide enough space from other vehicles on the roadways when compared with automobiles which makes them less safe in traffic conditions especially at high speeds where automobile drivers may struggle to keep track of smaller objects such as motorcycles under certain weather conditions like rain or snowfall.

There are many different types of motorcycles available by manufacturers all over the world based upon the size, engine type, speed capability, etc., so it’s important for you to understand what kind best suits your needs before you go and purchase your next motorcycle.

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