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Posted by emmadobie on November 28th, 2021

Of course, there is no doubt that an online training program helps you experience skills required in the routine of a professional workplace. You might have known people who keep switching their jobs for a profile they have always aspired to work for. Online teaching or training is inclusive, and unlike offline training, where instructor-led training is being given, this form of training is not limited to only one method of delivery. 

There are various methods by which the training is provided. We will discuss some of these in the article and get insights into processes being conducted during the training sessions. 

Various training modes 

  • Webinars and Virtual Classrooms
  • Video-based learning 
  • Collaborative learning 
  • Mobile learning
  • Custom Learning 
  • Web-based learning
  • Microlearning

Webinars and Virtual classrooms 

Many of you get confused between what is the difference between a webinar and a virtual classroom schedule? Teachers might also find themselves in the puzzling situation of how to teach online in virtual classrooms? A Webinar is a training session or workshop delivered to you over the web using live video conferencing. We will observe the instructor discussing the workshop or experiences and the students, both components, log into the virtual classroom through different locations.

Both the online delivery methods, it is evident that is a perfect blend of Asynchronous and Synchronous learning, which helps professionals who are employees or trainees to indulge and collaborate, discuss and thus eventually learn from their peers and thought leaders across the globe. 

Video-based learning

In this mode, training is given to engage the attendees into an engaging video that can grab the attention of the learners who had enough of the traditional learning online. The videos used here can be including various documented case studies, animations, interviews, or screencast recordings. These materials are well prepared that can be accessed anytime and about anywhere. It allows the learners to watch the video as many times as they want. Thus, it helps them develop a practice of self-learning and pace themselves for learning more and become productive enough to get through any challenges that come forward in their lives. 

Collaborative learning 

Collaborating is a different and more productive form of group study for students. Collaborative learning is essential to develop a social understanding, and also it helps you put forward your point of view in front of others which boosts your confidence. Collaborative learning focuses on building collaboration and interaction with peers, instructors, fellow employees, and trainees who help you understand the work better. 

Social learning programs like discussion boards, Chat rooms, messengers help you to get used to it. They also help you acknowledge the ideas and learn from listening to the people working with you at different positions but with a common goal to complete the work and make a profit. 

Custom e-learning 

According to the given content and business requirement, these learning or training methods are for large targeted audiences. The courses under this are developed from scratch with the combined efforts of subject matter experts, coursework developers, and instructional designers. 

Mobile learning

Mobile devices have brought about a revolution in the way they see and perceive things. Also, this form of training or learning can be accessed by over large audiences as they do not require anything else but just an internet connection for you to learn. 

Web-Based learnings

These sorts of training or learning are given by or via web browsers of the different corporate intranet. One of the appreciated approaches of this form of education is that it helps students learn and access the content at their own pace and location. 


As the name already suggests, this form of learning or training is given to the person by actually chopping down information into small digestible learning nuggets. Unlike other courses, this course has the objective of learning one course at a time. 

Whether training is being given using any of the above methods is always effective online. It helps students and professionals learn skills and techniques to pace with the modern, ever-evolving professional work culture. 

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