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Posted by Traders Gurukul on November 29th, 2021

Trading is complex work where you have to apply a lot of strategies to book high profits. Despite having various parameters for analyzing the market, it seems that the Volume Profile is the most consistent method of assessing the trends of the market. It will soo get clear once you join a good Volume Profile Trading course. You can actually maximize the winning and minimize the losses with the knowledge.

An advanced form of indicator

The Volume Profile is a highly technical charting process and indicator. It will show the traded volume of an asset over a specific period at a definite price level. The basis of the volume profile indicators are

• Historical data of all successful plans

• Strategies that had a positive outcome

As a stock trader, you should always be on the lookout for a reversal corresponding to the volume profile.

An advantage of the Volume Profile Trading course

Many traders believe that the completion of the course will give you an unfair advantage from the present market context. So it is a dependable strategy for financial institutions and banks.

• The volume of sale of a certain stock is the indication of the liquidity of a particular security.

• The security will be active if the volume of trading is high.

If the volume of trade increases at a given level, the process will make the profile bigger.

Types of volume profile

As per the Volume Profile Trading course, there will be three different types of volume profiles in trading.

1. Volume Profile Visible Range or VPVR:

VPVR is the basic tool that you can use for trading. On histogram will appear next to the price levels. The candles displayed on the screen will directly display the corresponding volume of trading.

If you go back or forth the price action’s time period, you can follow the visible changes in the volume profile at different points of time.

2. Volume profile Session Volume or VPSV:

This will display all the volume profiles in the current session that appears on your chart. Each session present on the chart has a corresponding volume profile against it.

Each session implies the daily sessions and will change along with the time period of the chart.

3. Volume profile Fixed Range or VPFR:

The Volume Profile Trading course will show you the close similarity between VPVR and VRFR. There is only one difference. If you want to view the traded volume of a stock over a period of price action, be it the downtrend or the uptrend, you can detect the initial and final points along with viewing the volume profile for that limited time period only.

Helpful charting solution

There is no better dependable parameter for assessing the price changes and predicting the upcoming uptrend or downtrend than the Volume Profile. Being a part of the Volume Profile Trading course will help you to learn a lot and make the best possible decisions at the correct time to maximize profit and stop loss altogether. 

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