How to Prepare your House for Snowbird Season

Posted by mrcresidencescoconutgrove on November 29th, 2021

It\'s that time of the season when thousands of birds migrate south for warmer climates and ample sunshine. With Old Man Winter right around the corner, many families and individuals also head south to avoid the blistery, frigid cold temperatures up north. If you are a snowbird and have invested in a lavish, elegant condo at Mr. C Residences Coconut Grove, there are ways to prepare your home before leaving for Miami.

Creating a concise winter checklist can protect your house from theft, water damage, and surprises. While  Mr. C Residences is an affluent community with year-round residents in Coconut Grove, some folks have invested in the condo complex to own seasonal units. So if you are a snowbird with another property elsewhere, here are eight essential steps you can take before packing up and heading to Florida for the winter.

  1. Forward mail correspondence

This is something you can do with ease. First, contact the Post Office to forward all mail to your new address at Mr. C Residences.  The United States Postal Service (USPS) can forward your mail for up to one year. You can also visit and make the necessary changes without visiting the postal office.

Clicking the \"Track and Manage\" tab allows you to monitor incoming mail. You can even request these online services – for free – with photos of your mail pieces and parcels. This way, you can stay on track of all mail and deliveries while enjoying the good life at Mr C residences condos for sale. In addition, you can put a temporary stop for flyers and junk mail or ask a neighbor or loved one to pick these up from your mailbox or front door.

  1. Shut off the water in your home

The winter season is notorious for below-zero temperatures. These can freeze pipes and cause bursts in and out of your home. With this in mind, shutting off the water prevents pipes from freezing and causing floods. Make sure to turn off any internal valves, including automatic irrigation systems. Turn septic tanks off, along with lines used for watering front and backyard lawns. If possible, contact a professional to have your home pipes properly drained and turned off.

The last thing you\'d want is to return to your home and find flooding and water damages. So instead, you want to ensure your property is safe and sound before spending the winter at your new, luxurious unit at Mr. C Residences in Coconut Grove.

  1. Do not turn off the heat

A common mistake most snowbirds make is turning off their heat. Unfortunately, this is a crucial error that can lead to pipe freezing and bursts. Remember, winter temperatures can dip to frigid numbers, and if your home\'s temperature is too low – pipes could freeze. So instead, set your thermostat between 55 and 60 degrees.

These are ideal temperatures that will keep pipes secure and automatically turn on the heat when needed. Speak to your air conditioning and heating company if you do not know how to set your thermostat when away for long periods.

  1. Take care of your home\'s exteriors

Before heading to Miami to spend the winter at Mr C residences condos for sale, you need to perform exterior maintenance on your home. If you reside in an area that accumulates snow, make arrangements to have someone plow your driveway and sidewalks. There should be companies or contractors that can perform these chores while you are away.

You can also speak to a neighbor or relative to see if they can do these tasks. Remember, even if you are away, you have to keep the driveways and sidewalks free of snow to avoid liability issues. No more accurate is this than if you live in a deed-restricted community. Also, bring any patio furniture or flower pots indoors that can blow away due to gusty, wintery winds. Please place them in storage or your garage before departing for the sandy beaches and warm waters of Coconut Grove in Miami.

  1. Take care of your home\'s interiors

It is also essential to take care of your home\'s interiors. For example, place new batteries in all smoke alarms to be safe and sound. If your home has a chimney, close the flue to prevent squirrels, bats, and birds from getting inside. Consider putting a guard on top of the chimney for added security. Finally, perform last-minute checks inside your house, including the doors and windows. This will be your last chance to check everything is safe before spending the winter season at Mr. C Residences Coconut Grove.

  1. Check your appliances before leaving

If leaving for the winter, you can unplug your refrigerator to save on energy costs. Make sure to clean it and throw away any food that will expire soon. To prevent mildew, you can leave the fridge doors open too. Since you should not turn the heat off, leaving your HVAC unit running as desired is okay. However, you can disconnect the washer, dryer, microwave oven, TV sets, cable boxes, and streaming devices.

We recommend leaving your modem connected if your home\'s CCTV or security alarms are wirelessly connected to it. This way, you can use the app on your phone, laptop, or desktop to check your front door or interiors while lounging at the pool at Mr. C Residences Coconut Grove.

  1. Set up the lights in your home

If you control your home\'s interior and exterior lights, it is a good idea to set them up on timers. This way, it will look like someone is home and ward off intruders. Close the drapes and curtains at the windows so no one can see if you are home or not.

  1. Let your neighbors know you\'re leaving

If you are close with your neighbors, let them know you are leaving for the winter. They can keep a close watch on your home and report any suspicious activity. Make sure to give them all your contact information, including your new address at Mr C residences  condos for sale. Also, let them know when you will be returning.

These are some of the steps you can take before enjoying the sun and water at Mr C residences condos for sale. Remember, take some time with every step on your checklist. There is nothing more frustrating than feeling like you forgot something. These tips will help you every step of the way and give you the peace of mind you deserve!

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