Do’s And Don’ts OF Web Design; Create An Impressive Web Design

Posted by Anand Shukla on November 29th, 2021

Web design has transformed from traditionally programming to drag and drop. This transformation has made web designing very handy and technically free. There are ready-made templates that can be used to design the website easily. 

But a website designing company in Delhi believes that custom web designs are irreplaceable. Even though web design has become handy, one commits mistakes. So we have brought you the do’s and don’ts while designing the website. 


  1. Strong User Experience:

Today there is tight competition in online business, so you need an optimized website to lead the competition. For this, you have to focus on the user experience. Smooth and easy-to-use navigation can be one factor, along with that, you need to build a strong user experience. Using visual elements, and an intuitive interface. 

  1. Responsive Web Design:

Another factor that needs to be maintained is responsiveness. The mobile users have increased and the majority of traffic rate comes from these devices only. So you need to make your website responsive so that anyone can easily view and vibe with your website on different screen sizes. 

  1. Minimalistic And Strong CTA:

Your website must look minimalistic, which means there should be a good amount of whitespace, optimized visual elements, color combination, etc. Also, your website must have advanced features to make the website look maintained and give a professional look.

The website must make the traffic scroll down further on the website, for this, you need attractive content as well as a strong CTA for improving the conversion rate. 

  1. Content And Maintenance:

You have to also focus on search engine ranking. For this, you must focus on developing SEO-friendly web copies, which should be able to be scanned by readers. Hence put a deep focus on the content. 

Once you optimize the website, make a strategy to maintain the website, and keep it free from bugs and errors. This will also help you to maintain the website ranking. 


  1. Loading Time:

Don’t make users wait for a long time to load the website and content on the page. This can be maintained through website maintenance. Optimize the loading speed, by making the web design lightweight and using optimized visual content. 

  1. Interlinking Opening In New Tabs:

Avoid this! Users, especially handy device users, expect to run the website with less touch. So when you interlink the content on the website, make sure that the links open in the same tab, rather than opening in a new one.

  1. Using Many Colors And Fonts:

Consistency is the key to optimized content and web design. Use a couple or one color theme and font style. Instead of using multiple, it will bring consistency and engage the users with content. 

  1. Automatic Pop-ups:

These pop-ups are essential, but there is a proper time to pop up. Don’t make this arrive on the screen as soon as a new user enters the website. It ruins the whole idea, giving time to the users to settle and then jump with pop-ups. It will work for you. 

  1. Autoplay:

If you are inserting the video into the website, don’t make the videos run automatically, especially with sound. It will have a negative impact. Either make it steady and let the viewers play it. Which will be effective or make it run on mute. 

Final Thoughts:

These are the basic dos and don’ts shared by the best website design company Delhi. We hope this blog has helped you understand the basic elements to focus on and avoid mistakes while designing the website. 


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