There are five upgrades to feral tank in mc

Posted by FryeJacob on November 30th, 2021

Vanilla\'s vanilla classes did not want their Tier Gear simply because it was not well-categorized or did not match their specs (feral Druid or WOW Classic TBC Gold dps warlord). In tbc every specs tier gear is decent or bis, and so overall I think there\'s a greater chance of being well-equipped.

There are five upgrades to feral tank in mc, and some of them were sought-after (accuria, agi cloakoff rag). Tier gear was useless other the fact that a handful of pieces were pertinent to a tank set. Other pieces that were dropped (heavy dark iron ring, shoulders for fireguards) were available as no one else wanted it so it wasn\'t that exciting.

Although , it\'s not as memorable as the other options I believe it\'s because there are more options. You could, for example, have three different pants. You might have one heroic one, one Kara, and one crafted pants. The bis might slightly surpass the other options. In vanilla , you\'d be able to go from that blue dungeon, to the one and only upgrade that you can get for buy TBC Classic Gold that period.

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