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Key Players:

The leading market players in the global Aerospace and Defense Telemetry market primarily include BAE systems, Cobham, Honeywell, L-3 communications, Zodiac Aerospace, Curtiss-Wright, Dassault Aviation, Finmeccanica, Kongsberg Gruppen, and Orbit Technologies.

Aerospace AND Defense Telemetry Market – Competitive Analysis

BAE Systems is a global aerospace, security, and defense company. It offers a wide range of products and security solutions such as military communication systems, commercial digital engine and flight controls, surveillance capabilities, unmanned air systems, ship repair services, munitions facilities management, defense information systems, and hybrid electric drive systems.

BAE Systems operate through five major segments, namely: Electronic Systems (commercial aircraft electronics, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, electronic protection, and electronic warfare); Cyber and Intelligence (intelligence and security, global analysis and operations, and IT solutions); Platforms and Services - US (land and armaments, weapon systems, and the US combat vehicles); Platforms and Services - UK (military air and information, maritime programs, and the UK combat vehicles); and Platforms and Services - International (business operations are based in Saudi Arabia, Australia, India, and Oman).

Aerospace AND Defense Telemetry Market – Market Overview

Telemetry is an automated mode of communication that is generally used for the measurement of data received from remote, inaccessible and hard to reach points. In other words, telemetry allows remote measurement and reporting of information and data. It can be through the wired mode (telephone networks and optical links) or wireless mechanisms (radio, infrared and ultrasonic waves). For aerospace and defense telemetry, it is generally the transmission of information from space (satellites, spacecraft) or defense systems to a ground control station on Earth or remote space vehicles with transmitting and receiving systems.

Several factors drive the Global Aerospace and Defense Telemetry market. One of the major drivers is the growth in aerospace R&D activities, for both the aerospace and defense segment. Telemetry is an important part of the aerospace and defense industry, as it helps to increase efficiencies, and also reduces safety risks. Also, there has been increasing demand for the military and defense applications. Also, along with the rise in demand for a reliable telemetry infrastructure, the utilization of satellite based telemetry has also increased. Satellite telemetry has been used for various civil, commercial, government and military applications. In recent times, the utilization of UAVs have also increased both in the military and civil sectors. UAVs utilize communication system for control and air to ground communications (sending telemetry information and transmission and receiving of various other data). Thus, these have led to the growth of the Global Aerospace and Defense Telemetry market. 

Despite the presence of some drivers, the Global Aerospace and Defense Telemetry market faces several challenges. One of the issues is the challenges with C-band telemetry, which is used for purposes such as flight tests (for fixed communication links and radars). However, C-band poses several issues such as low signal quality, high free space attenuation and difficulty in tracking narrow beam. One of the other challenges for the market is the defense budget cut in major countries such as the US and countries in Europe. Also, there are issues of noise and errors in the telemetry system, which affect the quality of data received in critical aerospace missions, involving distant satellites, and spacecraft.

Industry/ Innovation/ Related News:

May 2014- BAE systems Forges a strategic partnership with Infor, a privately held US software company, to deliver software solutions to the US government

Aerospace and Defense Telemetry Market – Segments
For the convenience of the report and enhanced understanding; The Aerospace and Defense Telemetry Market is segmented in to 2 key dynamics

Segmentation by Application: commercial Aerospace and Defense.

Segmentation by Regions: Comprises Geographical regions - Americas (North & Latin)

, Europe, APAC and Middle East & Africa.

Aerospace and Defense Telemetry Market – Regional Analysis

The US is one of the major markets for both aerospace and defense segment in the Americas, and also has one of the largest defense budgets in the world. It utilizes various military and defense systems along with a large number of UAVs in operations.

Similarly, the US has a large number of ongoing aerospace R&D activities, in various civil, commercial as well as military segment. Also, it is involved in several large scale space missions and also has the largest share of satellites in operations (more than 85 percent of the operational satellites in the Americas are from the US alone). Canada and Brazil are the two other major markets in the Americas. Thus, the active aerospace and defense industry along with the increase in telemetry applications for such aerospace and defense applications is expected to drive the Aerospace and Defense Telemetry market in Americas for a continuous growth during the forecast period.       

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