How beneficial is the Agile and SAFe combination?

Posted by Xebia Academy on December 2nd, 2021

With the number of certified professionals, many IT companies are transforming their businesses through ITIL and other certifications to manage their IT solutions. The companies adopting ITIL and SAFe focus on improving the service quality and uninterrupted services to their customers. Apart from quality, companies are enhancing agility with Agile Software Development.

After implementing ITIL alone, companies could not speed up the delivery process, and as a solution to this, industries started integrating ITIL and Agile. If a professional has the ITIL strategist training and safe advanced scrum master certification, then IT industries are considering both certifications to speed up the delivery rate without any hassle.


It is a great and unfortunate misconception that people do not see how ITIL, SAFe, or any methodology can work together. More often, they are focusing on proving which one is better. The most common argument for anyone who is comparing ITIL with safe is:

\"ITIL is better than SAFe.\"

This argument differs because the ITIL strategist training and safe advanced scrum master certification are different but closely related certifications that can help an IT expert and organization in multiple ways.

In this article, we will discuss two different methodologies that can work together without negating each other.

Advantages of Scrum and ITIL

ITIL, on a broader note, emphasizes IT management and process improvement. Whereas SCRUM, on the other hand, has little dimension to ITIL in Service Transition Phase. SCRUM believes in achieving quicker results and has been found helpful while working on deadlines and improving in case of any errors. SAFe advanced scrum master certification empowers individuals to work in different teams and better vision of the project status and discussion meetings with clients and stakeholders.

SCRUM enables the team to work as a whole unit moving the project to the completion phase. SCRUM has been found out to be a beneficial methodology that promotes the value of intra-team work. SCRUM team is expected to excel in

  • Delivering quality projects on or before the deadline
  • Working as a team and focusing as a group
  • Knowledge management and transfer and to work as a team

Whereas ITIL focuses on bringing multiple IT teams into a single structure to achieve a single goal with gradual improvements and changes in the processes required for the timely delivery of the service to the clients. ITIL executes the smooth coordination between different teams of different departments.

The core principles of an ITIL team are:

  • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities and training of the members to improve the service
  • The mandatory documented process to maintain consistency and gradual improvement.

With the union of ITIL and Scrum, many companies deliver quality products within the stipulated period without any miss in the process. Both methodologies focus on the need for strong leadership with well-managed teams to achieve successful completion.


To justify the title of the writing, yes, the union of ITIL strategist training and safe advanced scrum master certification is benefitting many professionals and companies to a larger level. If seen on a macro level, here are some of the benefits of both methodologies.

  • If applied right, the modern framework can complement each other
  • Typical pain points like incidents, problems, service requests, etc. can be easily found

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