Smart agriculture is the direction of future agricultural development

Posted by Binda on December 2nd, 2021

Smart agriculture is the direction of future agricultural development and one of the manifestations of the development of facility agriculture. It is mostly used in intelligent greenhouses with a high degree of automation, with functions such as remote monitoring and management and intelligent linkage.

In fact, a smart greenhouse means to install sensors, control boxes, weather stations and other Internet of Things equipment for thin-film greenhouses, multi-span arches, double-layer greenhouses and other greenhouses to link the entire greenhouse to control and achieve automatic watering, fertilization, ventilation, The purpose of increasing temperature and light.

The standardized connected intelligent greenhouse system should be composed of: intelligent linkage equipment, environmental monitoring system, cloud management platform, remote monitoring system, etc. According to the data transmitted from the environmental monitoring system to the remote monitoring system, it is presented and issued on the cloud management platform The commands are executed by the intelligent linkage system, which greatly reduces manual repetitive operations.

The highlight of the smart greenhouse lies in intelligent and digital management, which stabilizes the greenhouse environment, provides a relatively stable growth environment for crops and livestock, and improves the quality of agricultural products.

Smart greenhouses are gradually entering the range of choices for farmers and self-employed farming and breeding. Compared with traditional greenhouses, intelligent greenhouses have obvious advantages, saving water and fertilizer resources and other resources, less destructive to the environment, and improving the management of farmed poultry and livestock Difficulty, reduce the mortality rate, and increase income to a certain extent.

Similarly, the shortcomings of the smart greenhouse are also obvious. The high cost and difficult operation make most farmers and farmers unable to enjoy the convenience brought by the Internet of Things technology. I believe that with the passage of time, the smart greenhouse will gradually enter Vast rural areas.

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