This is my very special magic shack and I'm the

Posted by jogi mogi on May 4th, 2016

This is my very special magic shack and I'm the magician. My name is Jack! [Cheers] What great rhymes! Oh he does this all the time [laughter] for today's magic show, I will make rhymes grow. So watch closely here, from this hat, rhymes will appear! [Ooh] I'm fishing for our first rhyme, what mother day do you think I might find? [Drum roll] Book! In I go, so let's take a look. [Drum roll] What comes next is really big, Hook! Book. Hook. You could say I'm hooked on books! [Laughter] Let's try this again, if you could imagine that. Keep a close watch, here comes a... Hat! Let's see what's next. What could rhyme with hat? Here it comes now, this time it's a... Bat! Hat... Bat! A hat on a bat. [Laughter] [Zips] Now here's the big finale. So let's not make a peep. Next thing you'll see is our good friend... Eel! [Laughs] Right you are, it's our friend Eel! Here's another good friend. Her name is... Bo Peep! [Laughter] [Ding ding] Sounds like we have a message. Let's go see! [Laughs] [Laughs] Hi Mother Goose Club.

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