Web Portal Development: Types and Benefits

Posted by CRMJetty on December 2nd, 2021

What is Web Portal Development?

A web portal is basically a web-based gateway that provides authorized users with a single point of access to personalized content. This development gathers information from various sources and presents them in a single user interface. Then it manages the content with some most relevant information based on their preferences and settings. Whether catering to your customers or to the employees, web portal development services always come in handy.

A web portal allows an individual to login to a company’s cloud system and access sensitive data or services. For a B2B business, this data can be the company’s financials and for a B2C business, it can be the customer\'s personal data. 

Types of Web Portal Development

  • Vertical Portals (VP)

Also known as vortals, VP is a smooth gateway that offers information about goods or services for a specific industry. It offers information, tools, articles, statistics, and research on the specific industry.

  • Horizontal Portals 

This provides unique access points connected to various industries and focuses on providing an entry point. A typical example of this would be Yahoo. It offers users a gateway and also provides links on various topics.

  • Corporate Portals

This type of portal has an array of utilities within an enterprise. And at the HR level, this gateway can be useful for workflow management. It provides access to company information like company policies, news, internal training, etc.

At a project management level, portals can be helpful to collaborate within teams. Thus, making remote management much smoother for the project manager. Also, at a Customer Retention Management (CRM) level, an online web portal enables sales and marketing teams to collaborate internally. Through this, they can create effective marketing strategies by using a centralized customer repository.

  • B2B Portals

These portals function like a bridge between enterprises working together. With authorized access, one can access documents, data, and tools shared between the enterprises.

  • B2C Portals 

If your enterprise sells goods or services, then a B2C portal is a must-have. This portal will allow the enterprise and the customers to access the personalized data dashboard to make purchases.

Advantages of Online Portal Development

Having a customer centric approach is always profitable. Thus, below are the benefits of using a web portal from a user perspective:

  • Customization 

Web portals offer a personalized and user-friendly experience to every customer. And who does not like customized content? It helps in suggesting the customer products and services as per their search history and interests.

  • Seamless Integration

Enterprises keep adding features and services to their websites on a regular basis to improve their UX. But it would be a nightmare for businesses if there is some glitch while users opt for transition through the site. Slow-loading websites can lead to customer and revenue loss each year. Web portals can save you from this nightmare by using high-end plugins that lead to enhanced overall UX. 

Except being cost-effective and providing customer retention, there are more advantages of using a web portal from an organization perspective:

  • Omnichannel Presence 

Web portals are accessible via various digital devices to provide an immersive experience across platforms. Through this you can provide your costumes with the luxury of using multiple devices to access your enterprise details online.

  • Robust Access Control Mechanisms

Web portals provide high-end security when it comes to securing your company’s data repositories. It ensures security by offering various custom access and authentication functions for customer and company both.

  • Internal Communication

Through internal web portals, employees can communicate internally with ease. This will save the time required in planning related to face-to-face meeting time. Eventually this will increase productivity. Employees working from different locations can use the company’s online portal to collaborate and manage projects effectively in real-time.

Web portal development services ensure best business efficiency to enable enterprises achieve desired revenue and customers. After all this information, if you think that your business needs web portal development, then you can hire a web portal developer. You just need to make them understand your requirements for UI/UX, and that is it.

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