What are the Benefits of Vibration Sensors?

Posted by eliteinternet on December 2nd, 2021

A vibration sensor is a sort of gizmo that measures the vibration in some piece of equipment. It’s really a lot more technical than this, but the quick and simple explanation suits our purposes today.

To go into it a little deeper, the vibration signal is handed off to provide exact (and we mean exact!) data. Some people here are looking for recurrence vs. plentifulness. The data is used to survey the health of machines – even in large (or huge) plants.

Vibration sensors are reliable through thick and thin. When the machines on the floor start getting wonky, they’re likely to give off bad vibrations due to the mechanical issues inside – the sensors detect that shift in energy and report it ASAP.

Fan vibration isn’t a thing of the past. As long as fans are spinning, they’re vibrating. In some ways, they are marvel concepts in physics. In reality, however, they just spin at a certain frequency and wavelength until they start to break down.

Sensors can help pinpoint the exact moment that shift occurs for mankind. It’s amazing.

Vibration sensors benefit everybody – don’t forget that!

Any business that has machinery onsite needs to consider whether knowing about upcoming delays, possible breakdowns, or other maintenance issues would be a benefit.

We’re guessing that most would answer yes to this consideration, at least in these industries:

  1.       Oil and Gas
  2.       Sustainable Power
  3.       Nuclear Energy
  4.       Industry in General

In summary, if parts are moving, then a vibration sensor is in order since vibration exists in an observable way.

This basically means that if somebody were standing next to the machine, they might be able to hear when it’s running differently because it is about to break. The sensors can do this at a very nuanced level and 24/7. That’s a huge step in the right direction.

It all comes down to equilibrium for these pieces: Fans, Engines, Pumps, and Compressors.

That’s the 411 on Machine Vibration, folks!

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