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Treasure Hunter is playing host to your vampyre-themed event rs 2007 gold this 7 days. Unlock pieces of the particular vampyre hunter outfit, a weapon override, and a special amulet with nearly four toothsome effects. Read on for the important points! rs gold

From 21st April in 00: 00 UTC unmtil 25th May at 23: 59 UTC*, head to Treasure Hunter and acquire feral vampyre fangs. They come in packages of 80, 160 and 320 and you will be collected in your brand-new currency pouch. The pouch saves space in your inventory by acting as a new depository for many future Treasure Hunter stock markets, so put it to be able to good use!


You can also earn feral vampyre fangs through doing the following activities in and around Morytania:

Daily Challenges (twenty five fangs)

Skilling/killing in Morytania (10 fangs)

Skilling/killing outside Morytania (5 fangs)

Opening the Barrows torso (2 fangs)

Winning a red token from Temple Trekking (four fangs)

Winning a yellow small from Temple Trekking (3 fangs)

Winning a blue expression from Temple Trekking (a couple of fangs)

Rewards & Unlocks

Use your collected fangs to unlock items of the fantastically dashing vampyre hunter outfit and it is accompanying stake launcher weapon override.


If gothing it way up isn’t enough, when you have completed the outfit you can use your remaining fangs to unlock its own wearable amulet that gives the following effects when anyone level it up by means of feeding it more feral vampyre fangs:

Amulet Level 1: 3% damage bonus to any or all vampyres (permanent effect - totally free cost)

Amulet Level 2: Double rewards from Markus’s Slayer Deals (charge cost: 1)

Amulet Level 3: Companions in Temple Traipsing level up 25% quicker (permanent effect - free cost)

Amulet Level 4: Ability to re-roll the loot inside Barrows Chest once for every run. (charge cost: 2)

Note - you are able to use fangs up before the 9th May so as to push for those amulet levels. 25 feral vampyre fangs are equal to 1 charge. Fangs are also tradeable.

Ironmen Note - Ironmen will be able to unlock and wear the amulet but will never receive any of the benefits and cannot enhance it.

Here’s something to destroy your teeth into whilst getting ready for River of Blood - enjoy!

The folks at Runescape have posted the second part in a dev journal about developing the game's new dwarf quest.

Last time, I announced that I was just starting work on a new dwarf quest. All I had back then was a blank page that I needed to fill with ideas. RuneScape gold. Since then I've spent a few days brainstorming, bouncing ideas off other developers, and covering the wall next to my desk with post-it notes saying things like "Commander Veldaban" and "Red Axe base."

I've found it harder to come up with a good idea for this quest than I have for any previous one, and I wrote down several ideas before rejecting them because they weren't right. Finally, it clicked and I had a story I was happy with.

My next step was to write this idea up in a 'concept document', which lays out the plot of the quest in broad strokes. I showed this document to Mod Mark, RuneScape's lead designer, for approval. There was no point in developing the idea until he reached a decision; if he didn't like it, it would be back to my blank page. It turned out that he did like it, so development could continue.

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