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Posted by drsamkhoury on May 4th, 2016

Losing teeth due to old age or accidents was a dreaded phenomenon before the invention of all on four implants. The patients faced a terrible time towards recovery after oral rehabilitation as it involved months of treatment and high medical bills. The patients having lost all their teeth had no option but to choose removable dentures and bridges. There are severe influences of this treatment on the patient’s health and well being. Many times the overall quality of life of these patients was affected and in a turmoil. All On Four PA technique is highly appreciated as it removed all the challenges and obstacles of dentures and age old worn out techniques.

With the present day innovation known as All On 4 PA, you have a new set of beautiful, non-removable and immediately functional teeth. It is a blessing for patients who are edentulous, or who are facing an immediate future of edentulism. The method of All on Four implants is rightly considered as the best tooth replacement solution. Just as the name implies All on Four methods involves the permanent attachment of a fully customized prosthetic dental bridge to the abutments of four dental implants per jaw.

Periodontists and oral surgeons undertake the intricate procedure of inserting these implants at very precise locations in the mouth so that they enable the patient to gain maximum support for the bridge devoid of bone grafting surgery. Many times bone grafting surgery is required for patients with dentures or who have lived for years with teeth. Unlike the traditional dentures all on four processes allows you to enjoy a new set of teeth in a little as a single day.

Similar to many other patients if you are worried about the expenses incurred on your dental treatment, all on 4 will come as a relief measure where the cost of oral rehabilitation is reduced substantially.

The main difference between all on four and dentures is that you have a long term solution at hand for missing teeth which is permanent. Like dentures you need not remove them and clean every night. You can eat all foods you like without the hassle of dentures and associated problems. You will certainly find happiness, confidence and health with all on four techniques.

All on Four PA is specialty practiced by Dr. Sam Khoury, DMD a leading periodontist, based in Newtown PA. As a part of modern day dentistry procedure Dr. Sam offers All on 4 comprehensive solutions to tooth loss. All on Four implants, as a new type of permanent dentures the procedure ends all your problems of wearing removable false teeth.

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