Clean up your sex doll after doing it

Posted by lovemodel on December 2nd, 2021

Buying her love doll and seeing her beautiful face and her perfection will make you want to have sex with her on a regular basis. Of course, I want to know how to clean after finishing. If you fail, it is imperative to clean your doll as she will start to emit an unpleasant odor from your body fluids, which will condense into her body and become a scab. If you clean the doll if needed, her life will definitely be several years longer and she will be as sexy as her new if you wish.?????

The easiest and cheapest tool you can make it easier for you to clean your doll is a water spray bottle. These can be purchased at most stores for just a few dollars. They can be used as a temporary washer for the mouth, vagina and other holes. To use, put warm water and soap in a bottle, place a nozzle at the entrance of the hole and squeeze the water. The water reaches the depth of the hole and flushes the fluid from the big butt love doll. In addition, it is best to do this as soon as possible after having sex with the doll. Doing so eliminates the time for semen to form crusts and gels inside the doll. If it is unfriendly or forms a gel, you\'re okay, but you may need to fill the bottle multiple times to clean your doll properly.

This is a bit more expensive than a squeeze bottle, but you should be able to order it for about $ 20. These are also called \"enemas\" and \"enemas\". Fill it up and squeeze it until the fluid pops out of the doll, like a battle of water. It is easier to squeeze than a water bottle and feels professional, so choose according to your budget.

You can also use a tool that gently scrubs the inside of the doll\'s mouth, vagina, and anus. Loofah may not be needed if the doll is irrigated or bottled immediately after sex, but if you wait for a while, this is a useful tool. Gently push the loofah into the hole in the Aotume Doll and rub the whole thing. This ensures that the liquids and residues inside are captured.

If you have a removable shower head with a long cord, you can use it to clean your doll. You can put a doll in the bath and treat it as an intimate experience for the two of you. Take care of yourself first, then take care of her with soap and water, including her cave. The function of the shower nozzle should be the same as a water bottle or vaginal irrigation. If you buy a new showerhead for this purpose, you should choose a showerhead with multiple settings.

Select the setting so that the water can flow out with a narrow and powerful beam. Your doll will wash away your fluid in seconds, and you don\'t have to spend too much effort. Do not get your hair wet when taking a bath with a big breasted love doll. It doesn\'t hurt your doll, but if you do, you\'ll have to make extra efforts to blow her hair off and dry it.

After cleaning the doll\'s sexual mouth using any of these tools, the doll should be dried. For this, you can use any narrow sponge or other loofah. Do your best to get rid of moisture from her body so that it doesn\'t drip to the floor after you\'re done. Some customers prefer to use tampons for this purpose. You can insert a tampon and leave it in the love doll 100 cm to collect any possible moisture.

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