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Posted by goldsafe21 on May 4th, 2016

Cryptic Studios has announced that The Maze Engine: Guild Alliances, the next big game update for Neverwinter will be released on June 7th. This update will enable guilds to work together to strengthen their strongholds and expand their holdings. Are you excited towards the update? Have you stocked enough Neverwinter Astral Diamond for it? If not, come to Safewow!

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Major changes are guilds, strongholds and Sword Coast Chronicles.

Neverwinter’s Guild Alliances brings exciting new features to the game’s current Strongholds system. Guilds of different sizes now can form alliances with one another to strengthen their strongholds and become even more powerful. Larger guilds can cooperate with smaller guilds to help them level up faster. Both parties can earn more rewarding bonuses. This update also introduces a new guild chat function, thus groups can visit each other’s strongholds to purchase items.
Another major addition is the new Sword Coast Chronicles campaign system, which will make it easier for players to find teams to face end-level content. Sword Coast Chronicles helps players plan out their adventure and best prepare to face the challenges ahead. Besides, it brings many new achievements into the game for players to earn. Additionally, many quality of life improvements will be implemented, smoothing the game play experience.

Maybe Guild Alliances will work similar to the armadas in STO.

Many players make an assumption that it will work similar to the armadas in STO. For the top guild in each alliance, this solves the issue of how to gain guild marks after the guild has maxed out all structures. Members can now donate to the coffers of the guilds below them. Each Alpha guild will have a few Bata guilds below it, and each Beta guild in turn will have a few Gamma guilds below them.

The Maze Engine: Guild Alliances update releases for PC on June 7, 2016 and for Xbox One at a later date. This update seems to be focused on encouraging more group and inter-guild play, which is a huge part of the fun of playing an MMO in the first place. Stay tuned on Safewow and see the full content of the changes.

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