One Of The Best Gig Site for Freelancers and Outsourcers: GigDollars

Posted by reallynicearticle on December 2nd, 2021

Gig sites, such as, have been a recent online phenomenon. What is a gig site? They are online marketplace portals for freelancers to post individual services which they are willing to perform for a set amount of money. Gig sites facilitate those that are seeking outsourced help to find qualified people.

If a person is willing to do a certain job, write an article or do graphic design work, as examples, they can post those services and define a set amount of money for realizing them. Those seeking such services can glance through those gig posts offering such services and review the feedback left by others that have used their services. It is a win-win for both the buyer and the seller. The buyer gets the security of community reviews and the seller gets a great marketplace for exposure of his or her services. Work Marketplace for Freelancing has improved the concept of gig sites by offering added benefit to both the sellers and buyers on its website. Other gig sites typically limit freelancers on the amount that they can charge for a given task., on the other hand, allows the freelancer to post gigs and sell those services for a price ranging from to as high as 0. This makes a far better place for freelancers, allowing them the opportunity to post services which they wouldn\'t otherwise post due to the pricing limitations imposed by the other popular online gig sites.

Another wonderful feature of is its payment system. Once a freelancer has received an order from a buyer, the entire financial side of the transaction is handled via the GigDollars platform with the seller receiving the funds in their GigDollars account after having delivered the completed task to the buyer. Since the buyer pays for the service before the seller even starts work on the task, the seller has the peace of mind of knowing that the buyer has already sent payment via GigDollars before starting on the work.

Once the seller has delivered the work and the buyer has reviewed and accepted the task, GigDollars releases the funds to the seller\'s GigDollars account, minus a modest commission. The seller may request to have funds transferred to their PayPal account at anytime once the balance on their GigDollars account has reached . This is the lowest payment threshold of any other gig site, making this another reason why is fast becoming popular with freelancers.

Whereas, on other gig sites sellers were limited to small tasks, often saturated by multiple sellers offering similar, if not identical, services; freelancers will feel liberated on The opportunity to post more specialized and larger services due to their free ranging to 0 pricing policy will allow a greater number of freelancers to stand out. If you have posted your services on other gig sites in the past, or if you are a freelancer interested in other venues to promote your micro tasking services, is definitely a gig site to consider.

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