Useful Complete TOS Leveling guide and tree of savior silver on sale

Posted by goldsafe21 on May 4th, 2016

I see people everywhere complaining about no where to level, and no where to quest. This literally is impossible to happen if you play the game correctly. Props to him!

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1. This game has a ton of quest that you should do because you’re rewarded with EXP cards.

2. Make sure you do all the quest and maps around your level.

3. Always go back and forth from Klaipeda and Orsha region to make sure you don’t do any of the maps while being 10+ levels above the map’s level.

4. In my honest opinion, it’s always good to stay at the very least 10 +/- levels. Preferably try to stay within 5 +/- levels if you can.

5. If you start to fall behind in levels from the map’s level, then use some EXP cards to catch up.

6. You do not have to save EXP cards if you don’t want to. It’s just best to save them when you don’t need to use them. I didn’t do much grinding at all and got to level 200.

7. Make sure you also party match (2nd option when talking to dungeon tower thingy) when doing dungeon runs. You gain additional bonus EXP from party matching.

Level 60~90

Do the Lvl 50 dungeon. (Probably up to Lvl 70 if you want)

Do all the maps from Klaipeda.

Do all the maps from Orsha.

If you’re behind, use Lvl 3 EXP cards. You should use all Lvl 3 cards by Lvl 90.

Use some Lvl 4 EXP cards if needed.

You will hit an EXP reset at Lvl 86.

Alternative grind spots: Royal Mausoleum Constructors' Church(Map Lvl 73~84 so between 63~94), Carlyle's Mausoleum(Map Lvl 74 so between 64~84)

Level 90~100

Do the Lvl 90 dungeon. (Found in Zachariel Crossroads)

Queue up and do all 5 runs and you should hit at least Lvl 100.


Congrats you can now do the Lvl 100 mission dungeons, party quest, and daily repeatable!

Make sure to do these every day when possible.

The Lvl 100 mission dungeons are separate from the other dungeons so feel free to do all 5 runs every day from both kinds of dungeons.

The Lvl 100 mission dungeons, party quest, and daily repeatables are found in Fedimian inside the post room on the left side of town.

Always do the level (90, 115, 130, 145, 175, and 190) dungeons first before the mission dungeons as the mission dungeons scales with your level.

Everyone does the Siaulai mission so stick with that only. It’s short and has 4 bosses.

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