FIFA World Cup 2022: Qataris demand their rights ahead of FIFA World Cup

Posted by World Wide Tickets And Hospitality on December 3rd, 2021

Sepp Blatter unlocked a plain envelope, pulled out a small, white card, and visible which country would host the FIFA World Cup 2022.

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Since that day 2 December 2010, the little-known Gulf state of Qatar has been shoved into relentless attention of scrutiny, which shows little sign of lowering. It has been globally maligned for its human rights record and developed almost a byword for migrant workers’ abuse over its action of those making the country for next year’s tournament.

The issue of human rights in Qatar has become a well-told story: workers severely paid or not paid at all; incapable to change jobs or leave the country without the approval of bosses; passports are illegally taken away; long hours operated in unbearable heat far from home; housed in poor space; domestic staff abused through to those who have paid the final price and lost their lives as the country experiences the utmost ever alteration of any Football World Cup host nation.

Qatar says it has replied to international criticism and made fundamental reforms, counting the overview of a minimum wage and arguing its controversial “kafala” sponsorship system. Then although the discussion of human rights, or lack of them, is endless when it comes to Qatar, it is mainly told through one prism, foreign workers. That, though, could be about to change.

“It is all about Labour rights, then what makes you think that Qataris have rights?” Ahmed*, a local Qatari citizen, asks furiously.

The worries of locals had been stated by some brave persons before Qatar won the right to host the Qatar World Cup 2022, and addressed occasionally by international rights groups counting Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. They have tinted concerns over women’s rights and a lack of liberty of look, among other things.

However, the effort on reform still remnants largely on foreign workers. Those who have defended the FIFA World Cup being held in the Middle East for the first time have supposed that it has helped drive change, which would not have been likely otherwise. What is more unforeseen though is that dissatisfied Qataris are now using the imminent tournament to demand better circumstances for themselves.

“The FIFA World Cup 2022 is a driving force to inspire people to speak out, to voice their concerns, says Aysha, a Qatari. We have seen how international weight can make certain institutions in the country move and take action to work on some of the snags.”

“I just want to get married to the man I love and to be myself, Alanoud told The Self-regulating, from her home in Doha. He is black African, I am Qatari, we are Muslims, and yet the chance for our blending to be accepted is negligible.”

I love Qatar from the bottom of my heart, then some areas need to be enhanced. Am I less Qatari as I do not like to wear hijab, as I have tattoos, or want to marry a non-Qatari man? That styles me differently, then I still earn to be appreciated.For more to know about Qatar World Cup Tickets Click here.

“People have been very verbal and continue to be on social media. It is their only platform, their only gateway,” adds Aysha.

“Qatari women love wearing colored abayas, then people have a problem with that, proverb it is not Islamic,” Noora says.

Haya, who belongs to Qatar’s royal family, speaks: “We are still men’s property under the law. Women do not ever become an adult in Qatar, we are always under the support of a man.”

Reforms will not happen without a contest, believes another Qatari, Abdullah. He states to the example set by Saudi Arabian women’s rights activist Loujain al-Hathloul.

“Saudi women are not silent, they fight. Female activists are ready to be confined and have their life messed up for a resolve. Qataris have been brought up from a young age not to face the state, to be chickens, to keep quiet in an argument for good material life,” he speaks.

Criticism of the ruling family is very rare, then in some places, it has been raised. This was clear over voting provisions for the recent Shura Council elections. Then dissent of the usual political system is not fortified, at least openly, and those The Autonomous spoke to say they are very aware of the risk to their safety by voicing any criticism, though mild. Some purposely kept away from social media for the same reason.

“Hosting the FIFA World Cup is like throwing salt on a wound, as our leadership does not care about us, only how the world thinks of us, speaks Ahmed. A lot of people here scorn the current presiding family, in their current repetition.”

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