Consumer Advantage of Open Source Multi-Vendor Marketplaces

Posted by kanuj on December 3rd, 2021

Multi-vendor marketplaces are thriving nowadays. With such ease provided by numerous marketplace software, it’s easy for anyone with a great business idea to go online and have a shop.

While open source multi-vendor platforms like Magento, cs-cart, etc. have made the lives of business owners easier, they offer a number of advantages to the consumers as well. There is no doubt that the entire online marketplace emerged only from one thought: let customers shop from the comfort of their homes. All the first online shopping sites emerged with this same thought and the multivendor marketplaces are taking the same legacy forward. Here are the various advantages customers have because of such software.

Offering the Best Price

When you are an aggregator between vendors and customers, and you are fighting with online giants like Amazon and Alibaba to grab a spot in your consumer\'s head, you tend to offer the best prices and discounts there are. This technique is often used by start-ups who are new online and quickly want to build up a full owing.

If you are a start-up looking for marketplace software that saves you from the hassle of backend coding, Sharetribe is there for saving the day. The software comes with built-in payment systems that allow your vendors to work with major visa and master cards and also services like PayPal. Sharetribe is extremely easy to customize which makes it a favorite choice for start-ups.

Consumer Experience

Online Shopping Cart has become so common that the biggest comfort you offer a consumer, shopping from their home, doesn\'t matter anymore. Consumers are looking for sites that provide ease of shopping, have various services like sorting and suggested products and that is why consumer experience must be on the top of your head when designing a new online store.

Fortunately, software like cs-cart is so customizable that you can add a number of services to please your customers. The software is slightly on the higher side when it comes to price but offers unmatched services when it comes to customization.

Large Selection of Products

Consumers love to compare. And an online marketplace offers them a number of products to do that. You as an aggregator can collect a number of vendors and their products to showcase them online. Your customers are happy with the variety, and you are happy with the ease it can be done in today’s technological advancement.

So these were a few advantages current multi-vendor platforms offer your customers which in turn, make the business for you. It is extremely important to stay relevant in today’s competitive business environment but with correct strategy and hard work, the impossible can be achieved.

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