The Ultimate Guide to Buying Silk Bedding

Posted by La Blonde Gitane on December 3rd, 2021

When you go to buy silk, it is like wanting to buy Amish furniture – it serves much, much longer than anything else you could buy. So if you get bored of buying new sheets every season, it is the best time to buy your favorite luxury silk bed sheets. Silk endures longer than every other natural fabric and has a lifespan on par with polyester. But, unlike polyester, silk is a lovely feeling and good for you. That\'s why it\'s the best fabric.

Why Should You Buy Silk Bedding?

Best silks sheets are superior and you must give silk a try. It is considered the most luxurious fabric for bedding. Here is why?

  • Silk is smooth and feels fabulous on the skin.

  • Silk is a fabric which doesn’t create any allergy and resists dust, fungus, mold, and many other allergens.

  • Silk is the most suitable option for all types of weather; it can be from freezing winter nights to hot summers, you can relax in silk and be amazingly happy.

  • Silk is the longest-lasting natural fabric.

  • Silk is a fantastic option for your skin and hair, and it also supports you in maintaining moisture and decreasing damage created by higher friction fabrics.

Types of Silk

Here is the list of various silk and its qualities.

Charmeuse Silk is the known quality type of silk, and it is used in bedding, dresses, and shirts. It is lightweight and has consistent elasticity, making it the perfect fabric for application in sheets, pillowcases, and different bedding. The front side of the fabric features a satin finish, and the backside has a dull surface. Charmeuse is cultivated silk, as the silkworms are farmed for it.

Mulberry Silk is the best quality silk, and the most inquired for bedding. Many mulberry silks are charmeuse silk grown from a special kind of silkworm fed a rigorous diet. For example, the Bombyx mori is the silkworm that produces mulberry silk, and it prefers to eat the leaves of the mulberry tree. So you can choose mulberry bedding set.

Tussah Silk is produced from wild silkworms which have not been raised. As the worms are not fed a strict diet or protected in the same way cultivated silkworms are, this type of silk is not as soft or durable as cultivated silk.

Habotai Silk is generally used for producing bed sheets and other bedding. It is cheaper but also less durable than charmeuse. This kind of silk is \"washed\" with sand to make it feel softer, just like charmeuse.

Dupioni Silk is strong, lustrous, but coarse and not ideal for sheets and most bedding. Sometimes it can be used in duvets, but it does not maintain temperatures because of its quality. In addition, this silk is of lower quality because it is produced from different cocoons that are not identical to charmeuse silk.

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