Facts About Obtaining Bail in Liberty and Midtown, TX

Posted by allaboutbailbondshouston on December 5th, 2021

Being arrested for an offense does not make one a criminal. There are many ways to prove one\'s innocence in court. It is essential to be out of jail ASAP to hire a suitable lawyer and ensure the right course of action to follow. The court decides the bail amount and asks to be paid the right sum to permit the release. The defendant may not have the required amount handy, especially when accused of a serious offense. Such a situation makes it worthwhile to hire a bail bondsman in Harris County and Fort Worth, TX, so that no extra time is wasted within the confines of a jail.

Finding the right agent is not going to be a cakewalk, however. One needs to locate the best person willing to put up the specified amount as bail and obtain the accused\'s release. While the law enforcement officers within the jail premises may be able to provide recommendations, it helps to search for the right bail agent. True, most citizens do not have much idea about the process and spend a long time going through the Internet resources or calling personal contacts. The results may help one find an experienced agent, but again, one may be taken for a ride with no idea about the illegality involved.

Checking out the bail bonds company in the vicinity of the courtroom can be a better proposition. Most offices located near the courtroom are aware of the regulations and may enjoy a personal connection with some of the court clerks and lawyers. It is not advisable to take the words of a purported bail bondsman at face value, though. Some of the things that must be considered before hiring a stranger to provide the required bail include:

License- Almost all States across the nation require the bail bondsmen to take a specific test successfully to obtain a license. A first-time offender or one who has been arrested mistakenly should inquire about the license before deciding to hire the individual for bail services.

Paperwork- Nothing depends on mere words. Before proceeding further, it is essential to have a written agreement between the two parties, namely the bail bondsman and the defendant. The contract should include all information, including the terms, fees payable, payment schedule, and interest rate. The signing of an indemnity agreement that absolves the concerned bail professional from financial responsibility needs to be enforced by the concerned agent/company.

Fee- The judge usually sets the bail amount, and the bail bondsman pays it on behalf of the defendant. The service is not gratis, however. A bail bondsman is sure to charge 10% of the bail amount as a fee for obtaining bail in Liberty and Midtown, TX.

It is important to remember that there is nothing as cheap bail. The amount mentioned by the judge remains fixed, and the agent\'s fee is 10% across all states.

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