Facts About Medicaid Waiver in Baltimore and Arlington, MD

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The escalating costs of health care can be daunting for a family with limited means of income. Hiring a professional caregiver may be the best alternative to moving into an assisted living facility, but the involved expenses are too significant to be feasible for lower-income groups. It is helpful to obtain a Medicaid waiver in Baltimore and Arlington, MD that permits the elderly patients to age in place. Unfortunately, the associated rules are often difficult to understand for most people, with the application procedure being even more confusing.

It is essential to check the facts to understand this beneficial program before deciding to apply for it once eligibility is ensured. A few things that the low-income groups need to be aware of include:

What is a Medicaid waiver?

It is a part of the Medicaid program offered by the Federal Government. Some of the selected laws that apply to the usual Medicaid are waived here. The purpose of waiving the rules makes each State fulfill its objectives. Medical expenses for the eligible individuals/groups are thus reduced greatly, with older adults and pregnant women getting improved health care. The States can utilize the waiver to provide the required assistance to citizens who may not be eligible to receive the original Medicaid. The elderly residents can claim in-home care courtesy of the waiver instead of shifting to a distant facility.

Medicaid waiver Types

Section 1115- The States can use new approaches to deliver the required medical aid and financing. The waiver is only approved if the costs to the Federal Government do not exceed its budget for Medicaid and waivers already in place. The popularity of these types of waivers is on the rise now. Many states are eager to use the extra funding provided by the Federal Government based on the Affordable Care Act.

Section 1915(c)- Also known as “Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS),” this waiver allows the States to provide home care and community service t individuals in need. People with severe health conditions and the elderly and infirm receive long-term care in the comfort of their own homes as a result.

Section 1915(b)- Known as “Freedom of choice waivers” alternatively, the states make provisions for care via managed care service providers. In other words, effective care is outsourced to agencies that meet the criteria. The State Medicaid Fund pays the professionals providing the care. The options for a beneficiary to choose a care provider are somewhat limited as a result.

Combined Section 1915(b) & 1915(c)- The State Government provides HCBS services to qualified individuals by outsourcing the services to private managed care organizations.

Individuals recovering from surgery or diagnosed with severe physical and mental illness may hire experienced health aids for home care in Arlington and Lanham, MD. Living at home ensures comfort with the concerned patient being pleased to live in familiar surroundings. Such an arrangement can ensure one’s peace of mind as well. 

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