Jordan A Beautiful Place to Enjoy Family Vacations

Posted by Exotic Jordantrips on May 4th, 2016

Weathered by centuries of wind and rain, the ruins of Petra remain perhaps the most magnificent of their kind on earth. Petra is as enchanting as overwhelming. The stunning surroundings, structures and carvings will take your breath away. Tucked in the middle of the desert, it went unnoticed for many centuries. There is only one way to get in or out, through a path in the giant rock mountain that stretches for almost a kilometer.

Inside, you will find a mixture of artistic engineering with precession that is amazing even in today's technology advancement of laser guide, levels and modern machinery. What is really amazing is that most of the structures are carved, not built. Several main structures are larger than life, with towering columns that will dwarf anyone standing next to them. Holidays Packages in Jordan from sheer rock faces, a theater carved in stone, there really isn't a good way to describe it that will give it its due justice.

A closer look as you walk through the path leading to Petra reveals an elaborate water delivery system that brought water into the heart of Petra. The Romans added to the structure of Petra as it is evident from the columns and other Roman structures, however, in 363 A.D. a massive earthquake leveled most free standing structures, luckily, the original construction of Petra was unharmed as they were actually carved from the rock. Once you arrive, make sure you stop at the foreign currency exchange counter first to get Jordanian Dinars. The visa counter does not accept anything else.

Most people waste their time waiting in line just to be told that they have to use local currency. Follow this tip and you'll be ahead of most visitors. Most hotels in Jordan accept online reservation; it is a good idea to do so. Once in Jordan Family Vacation, you will most likely be staying in Amman, use taxi service to get around. It is a lot easier than trying to find places yourself. Driving in Jordan is quite an adventure. Getting to Petra your options are to rent a car, or take a bus. Tour buses travel to Petra daily. While in Jordan, do take the time to see other places as well. Wadi Mujib for example is a must see. We had a really good time there and it's really close to the Dead Sea. In fact the tour we took walking in the gourge on in the water overlooks the Dead Sea.

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