QuickShift Offers Same-Day Delivery To E-Commerce Brands In Mumbai

Posted by Quick Shift on December 6th, 2021

The e-commerce industry has become the backbone of the Indian economy. Even with multiple lockdowns, the e-commerce industry has grown over 36% in the last quarter of 2020.

As the e-commerce sector is growing, the quality of eCommerce fulfillment services in India by top d2c brands in India like Amazon and Flipkart has been questionable.

There are many times that the customer complains about damaged products or wrong products delivered or not getting the product for a long period. The solution to all these problems is QuickShift.

QuickShift has adopted a new method for e-commerce fulfillment service in India which enables them to deliver any product within the same day to your customer’s doorstep as they have set up many micro fulfillment centers. This system also helps to reduces RTO losses for the company.

What Are The Benefits Of A Perfect Fulfillment Service?

According to the recent survey conducted on the customer experience of e-commerce business, 48% of the customers believed that same-day delivery could add value.

And since 2019, most of the companies aim at providing the services on the same day or maximum next day delivery. So let’s understand the benefits of such premium service:-

1.     Increasing Customer Satisfaction Quotient

For the customers who need something urgently and are unable to go out and purchase it, quick delivery service can be fruitful for them. Quickshift Fulfillment service makes them satisfied.

2.     Relationship Building

A company is successful or not largely depends on its customer service, that is, how happy your customers are. Therefore, such services play a major role in retaining your customers.

3.     Low Inventory Cost

The fast delivery means that the stocks don’t have to be stored for a long time. Hence, it reduces the maintenance cost of the stocks in the warehouse.

4.     Have A Competitive Edge

There are thousands of companies opening up in the e-commerce sector. All are providing services like next-day delivery and other incentives to their consumers. It’s essential to provide a service that no one does and have a real advantage in the market.

5.     High Conversion rate

When your customer tries to order from your website and sees the expected delivery time, it determines if they will order from your website or not. As people will look for a service which is quicker and cheaper, hence this is the major reason for converting a buyer.

How Does QuickShift Make Such Premium Service Possible?

The biggest retail and d2c brands in India struggle to set up an efficient warehouse fulfillment service for the fastest delivery. But how QuickShift can make it possible. Here is the story of the QuickShift fulfillment service in the following steps:

  1. When the company manufactures or sources a product, it is shipped to the nearest micro fulfillment center in India.
  2. All the channels of the products are integrated on the dashboard.
  3. Post Integration, QuickShift conducts quality checks to reduce RTO losses and stores them.
  4. Once the products are stocked up, the orders flow into the company’s dashboard and it is packed according to the requirement.
  5. QuickShift suggests a detailed integration of the cheapest and fastest shipping method to the company.
  6. After the shipping method is approved, an email is sent to the customer with the order number instantly, which will help the customer track the package.
  7. In the end, the customer receives the package and is satisfied. In the case of a return, the return management system in the dashboard will help the company to get the best solution.


Ecommerce has developed exponentially in the past year due to the pandemic. However, due to certain glitches in the supply chain system of the country, many e-commerce brands are struggling with fast delivery services. Despite all the odds, QuickShift is still able to provide Multichannel fulfillment center India Kolkata to make your customer happy.

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