Safety Tips for the Uber Passenger

Posted by John Smith on May 4th, 2016

In addition to taxi’s and livery services, today you have ridesharing companies also: with the premiere service being Uber. In recent days, safety has been a major concern for rideshare passengers and drivers, hence the article below.

Safety Tips For Uber Passengers
Uber is a pretty safe system. There's always been good measure taken to ensure that both drivers and passengers have a safe experience while driving round. Uber has not stopped talking about how committed they are, to ensuring that customer safety is a foremost priority. The way the system is built ensures that passengers are not in dangerous situations. Before admitting drivers into the system Uber takes them through a very stringent background check to ensure that there are no records of crime/unsafe driving. In addition to that, passengers can be sure that Uber has enough detail on who is driving them (since the driver registration process requires submission of many important documents that can help Uber identify the Uber driver/ Uber partner). Not to forget, also, that Uber allows a passenger to communicate difficult or unpleasant encounter with any driver using the rating feature of the Uber app or directly via email.
In spite of all these measures taken by Uber as a company, there is still a need for passengers to personally watch out for their own safety in the very little ways they can. With what has already been put in place by Uber, there are only a few more things you can do. I once knew a person who said that whenever she felt uncomfortable or funny about any driver, she would get in front and try as much as possible to be fun and nice to them, in the process she asks for a “selfie” and lets them know she has uploaded it – her own little way of saying: “hey! The world knows you're driving me” (I wouldn’t recommend this though). Now for actual tips you could find useful as an Uber passenger, see below:
1.            Avoid Secluded Areas (the Uber Black Car, in the secluded area)

As much as you can, try to make sure that your pickup or drop-off point is not a secluded/lonely place. Definitely, criminal acts are most likely performed in areas with not very many eyes. Even if you stay somewhere or you are about to leave some place you know to be very quiet, you could try to take a few steps out to the open before getting into your uber car.
2.            Ensure that it’s the Right Driver and Car

Many people might not take this into consideration but it is a very serious point to note. It is not about hopping into any car that arrives. There’s a need to ensure that you are entering the right vehicle and that you are being driven by the right driver. For safety purposes, you have the right to refuse to board if the vehicle or driver isn’t the one you were expecting (as identified by the Uber app).
3.            Keep in Touch

If you get in your Uber ride and you just feel like something about the driver or vehicle isn’t right. A way that you could try to play safe is to keep in touch with somebody you consider a close friend during the trip. Send them instant messages. You could tell them not to count a late reply as normal except you have told them your trip is over. This way, somebody from afar is monitoring. You could also share your ETA (estimated time of arrival) so that they can monitor the progress of your trip as you go.
4.            Maintain Eye Contact

You do not want to look vulnerable or scared even if you are. Make sure that you use your mirror from time to time. Look them in the eye. It lets them know that you are present-minded and aware of your environment. Sometimes this turns the table. You go from being the scared to being the scary one.
Bonus Tip

I say this a lot when discussing a safety related issue. If you do get in trouble and you find that it is looking like a simple robbery, and the culprit wields a weapon, it would be smart not to resist. Whatever is stolen can be replaced but life can't be. In addition to that, another bonus tip is try not to be a bad passenger. With a happy driver and a happy passenger, the odds of a pleasurable drive are higher. Treat your drivers as nicely as you can, be safety conscious and present-minded. This way you can take swift measures in delicate situations.
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-by Ola John

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