The gear in phase 1 is certainly more boring

Posted by FryeJacob on December 7th, 2021

Edit: The four pieces of armor in WOW Classic TBC Gold tier 10 which allowed your character to receive chain heal crits were healed by 25% more over the course of time. This is in addition to the incredible output that you can obtain as an astro-shaman.

Chainheal isn\'t gear-dependent. It was a game changer, but holy moly! It elevates you from \"really excellent healer\" to straight up \"god tier\"

The gear in phase 1 is certainly more boring, in comparison to phase 1 Classic when you only had limited options, you have a bigger selection of loot items to choose from or sell for. Classic was limited to two healing weapons and the KT hammer didn\'t drop. It\'s only phase one however I had numerous options to choose from, and each phase is equipped with the new healing weapon. Every upgrade, even if there\'s no famous items like Benediction or the Xerox, will bring good memories back.

It\'s mostly because TBC the items are more balanced, and there are numerous options for particular slots. The overall equipment in Vanilla isn\'t more notable than that in TBC. Yet, players be able to recall broken items, such as HoJ and reju gemstones and buy WOW TBC Classic Gold edgemasters that are superior to any other item that is slot-specific.

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