Some Dos And Don'ts Of Dark UI Theme While Designing A Website

Posted by Mike on December 8th, 2021

The dark mode exists longer than you might think. The world\'s first computers used black mode automatically because the screen brightness technology did not work well enough to illuminate the entire screen without burning.

Today, the dark mode has become the most favorite theme of users that has also driven the demand for dark theme web design, which practices the same idea as the dark mode displays. Dark-themed UIs can be exciting, fashionable, and classic. However, despite the many advantages, there are some challenges and potential deadfalls of using dark UI themes for websites.

Therefore, it is essential to know some basic dos and don’ts of dark UI themes in website design. This is what we are going to discuss in our today’s article. So, stay with us and keep reading the content till the end! Hence, while designing a dark UI theme for your website, you should get in touch with a Professional Web Design.

Some Dos And Don\'ts Of Dark UI Theme While Designing A Website:

Dealing with a dark UI theme in web design is a sensitive job. There are some essential things that you should do and shouldn’t do to get successful outcomes while designing dark UI themes.

Some Dos Of Dark UI Theme:

First, we will discuss the things that you should do while creating your site UI theme:

  • Do Increase Emotional Branding

A dark theme requires extra blank space so that it won’t look crowded. Thus, dark websites often provoke more powerful emotions than simple ones. The impact of color psychology on dark theme websites can’t be neglected. If you pair the dark background with high-contrast pictures, it will make your website look stunning.

  • Do Highlight Your Industry

The dark mode UI also helps to improve certain industries. For instance, websites that concentrate on nightlife and entertainment are very similar to dark mode because their high potential content is oftentimes paired with dark backgrounds.

  • Do Opt For Minimalist Approach

If you want to go for a dark mode UI theme in your aesthetic website, go with limited content. Otherwise, if you add a lot of content in the dark mode UI theme, it will make your website look crowded.

  • Do Proper Visual Hierarchy

The height of the layers should be easy. It will create a visible position in the dark state from the most used elements in your display to the smallest.

Some Don’ts Of Dark UI Theme:

Here we will discuss some aspects we should avoid using while designing a dark UI theme:

  • Don\'t Get Too Dark

Don\'t make your website theme too dark because it is difficult to look at high contrast screen. Also, it is not necessary to create a pure black background. Make your site easier for users to focus on by using shades of gray that appear as black.

  • Don’t Use Heavily Saturated Colors

Don\'t use fully saturated colors on the dark background. Balance saturation of colors makes your site look pure. For example, if you write your text in blue on a dark background, the readers will find difficulty in reading the context.

  • Don\'t Try To Make Every Website Dark

Dark themes look creative to almost everyone, but they are not ideal for every site. For instance, dark designs for larger websites do not give pleasant results.

  • Don’t Use Too Many Bright Colors

Dark themes restrict your color choices. A mix of so many bright colors can clatter with a dark background and offer your website a rough and unfriendly look.

  • Don\'t Use Too Many Elements

The dark theme is already denser. Thus, adding up too many elements to it makes it denser. If you add too many key elements, your site will look crowded.

Winding Up!

Dark themes are not easy to create for websites. Although dark themes are very popular nowadays and found to be more attractive, you need to be extra careful while using dark theme UI in your web design. Don’t forget to consider the dos and don’ts of the dark UI design mentioned above while creating a website. Nevertheless, for professional assistance to create a perfect dark UI theme for your website, you should contact a seasoned Web Design in Dubai.

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