How to properly check and put air in your tyres

Posted by Nadia Winget on December 9th, 2021

Air is one of the most important features that your tyres have. It can affect how much grip you have when driving, and it also helps to lessen the impact on your suspension system in case you hit a bump in the road. Without the right amount of air your motorcycle can become unstable in certain conditions, which can cause you to lose control of the bike.

When checking air pressure, make sure to check all tyres at once because each one is likely to have different air pressures inside them. In addition, by doing this, you can find out if any of them has a puncture or damage, or if you need to replace them. Car and motorcycle tyre prices in Sri Lanka can be on the high side, even though you can find these tyres online in Sri Lanka easily and conveniently, hence being prepared is always a good idea.

There are several things that you should look out for when checking how much pressure there is in your vehicle’s tyres:

  • Check if they are correct side up or upside down.
  • Ensure the valves on the wheels are not leaking anything and then proceed with inflating them until it is roughly halfway between what was required pre-deflation and after inflation (usually around 15psi). This will ensure a good mix of grip and comfort.

It is important that you don\'t overinflate them beyond recommended levels as this could lead to a blowout. If the pressure is low, it is easy to fix and should only take a matter of minutes.

Check the pressure each month, and have it done professionally if you\'re not sure

Air pressure should be checked on a regular basis, at least once every month, and even more often if you are a professional driver. You can check them at home, but it is important to get the correct gauge and not guess what the pressure is. An inflator with an accurate gauge will give you a clear reading of how much air needs to be added or taken out in order for the tyre pressures to match those recommended by car manufacturers. It might take longer than using a pump on the side of your garage forecourt, but there are many advantages.

The first step when checking air pressure is always to make sure they don\'t already have any signs of damage such as cuts or bulges since this could be dangerous if left unattended and lead to sudden blowouts while driving. While you can buy motorcycle, car and three-wheel tyres online in Sri Lanka, if you blow a tyre in some remote area, you won’t be able to get a replacement quickly, meaning you will be stuck on the road somewhere for quite some time.

The second step is to check the tread depth. The legal limit in most countries is just one millimetre, but many manufacturers recommend that you should have more than this for safety reasons; typically, around three or four millimetres depending on where and how you drive. This will vary by car make too; some cars are designed with lower profiles which can handle less (but help improve fuel economy).

Your third step when checking your air pressures is to check the current pressure levels against what they should be according to manufacturer specifications. You need an accurate gauge like a digital air compressor gauge, not guesswork based on eye-balling it while filling up with petrol. A reading could lead to underinflation which will affect your fuel economy.

Underinflation also increases the risk of a puncture, so if you are getting low on air then now is definitely time to consider that replacement set.

Don\'t forget to check your spare too.

When checking the air pressure, especially when it comes to a car or three-wheeler, don\'t forget to check your spare too. It is a good idea to invest in a small air compressor. You may even need it on the road if you get a flat or puncture.

Keep an eye out for any signs of wear or damage so they can be replaced before they cause an accident

Damaged tyres can cause a lot of problems and accidents, so keep an eye out for any signs of wear or damage on them. If you notice anything looking a little odd about them, then get yourself down to the garage and have it checked out as soon as possible. It is much better to be safe than sorry.

If you need a new set, take care to find ones with good reviews and low rolling resistance

If you need to replace your tyres, then it is best to do so, without waiting until they are damaged or worn too much. Look for a reputable brand and take care to find ones with good reviews and low rolling resistance, which will help improve your fuel economy, as well as reduce wear. They should also be the right size for your vehicle. You can check the size required from the old ones or even from the vehicle manufacturer\'s guide. If you use tubes, you can also find tubes online in Sri Lanka, so replacing either tyres or tubes can be done easily.

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