Outdoor Restaurant Umbrellas: Things To Check When You Order

Posted by chris247 on December 10th, 2021

When it comes to the decor of a restaurant, everything counts and should be paid attention to. For restaurants with outdoor seating, umbrellas are a must to protect from scorching heat and sudden rains. Not only do they protect from the changing weather, they also add to the aesthetics of the place. However, choosing the right umbrella can prove to be quite overwhelming. While getting ready with anything for your restaurant, you should also keep the branding element in mind and opt for things that reflect your brand in an attractive manner. The outdoor umbrellas can be a great tool to flaunt your business logo and be visible event to people who are far away from your setting.

So here, in this article, apart from taking care of the branding element, we will be listing all other factors that you need to consider while choosing an umbrella for your cafe or restaurant.

1. Fabric Choice:

The canopies come in multiple fabrics including plastic, cotton, vinyl, polyester, olefin, and solution-dyed acrylics. However, the fabric for the outdoor seating should be sturdy to withstand UV rays, windy and rainy climate. The most durable fabrics that are used for outdoor umbrellas are olefin, Suncrylic and Sunbrella. They look decent in an outdoor setting and are strong enough to face the occasion showers, high sun heat, and strong winds. For bulk buying, you can always look for upside down umbrellas wholesale. There are many suppliers of promotional products in Australia, who can offer a wide variety of choices for commercial umbrellas along with customization services.

2. Climate:

Climate plays a major role when selecting umbrellas for outdoor seating. For instance, if you live in an area with a windy climate, the umbrella should be flexible, have replaceable canopy ribs, a large diameter pole and a heavy base. For a restaurant that is near the beach, umbrella fabric that is easy to clean and UV resistant along with aluminum pole are the best. For high altitudes, exposure to the sun is more and UV resistance is the prime-most thing to consider. You can easily find such umbrellas online in sale or on huge discount. You must check the size and features of the umbrellas before placing an order in bulk.

3. Budget:

Budget is one of the most primary factors that affect purchasing decision. Multiple vendors provide cheap black umbrellas in bulk and should be considered when the budget is restricted. The look of the umbrella is amplified when the brand name is printed on them and it spreads brand awareness as well. Various vendors deal in custom printed promotional items and can help with the same. If you are planning to look for a seller online, there are numerous sellers online who deal in promotional umbrellas Sydney and can be contacted for the same. Always look for an established and trusted supplier to get your order delivered on time and have complete peace of mind.

4. Size and Design:

To make the right decision, the umbrella should be purchased according to the table size. For instance, if the diameter of a table is 30 to 36 inches, the size of the umbrella (diameter) should be around 6 to 8 feet.  For a table size of 38 to 48 inches, the umbrella diameter should be 9 to 11 feet and for a table of size 54 to 60 inches, the umbrella should be of size more than 11 feet. Apart from this, the colour and design of the umbrella should complement the landscape and theme of the restaurant, so it elevates the charm of the decor. For a beautiful outlook look, a combination of bigger and smaller umbrellas in attractive combination of colours should be preferred.

5. Customization:

The outdoor umbrellas play a vital role in the advertisement of your brand. People from a distance can identify you and visit your food joint or restaurant if they get a clear view of your brand name or logo. So, make sure to buy big umbrellas which allow easy customization. Also, the printing done on the fabric should be of high-quality to make sure that your logo does not fade away after exposure in the sun. A good quality screen-printing method of customization can make sure that the prints stay for longer period of time. In addition to that, the logo size also matters a lot, so ensure that your logos are printed in a big size to be visible from a distance.

It is a good idea to know in advance what are the replaceable parts and from where they can be purchased if a need arises. Also, inquiring about the warranty offered is always a great practice and helps in making a better decision.The above-mentioned factor may appear small, however plays a prominent role in the decision-making process.

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