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Posted by Atto Infotech on December 10th, 2021

The Angularjs Development Company in India and the Angularjs Developers in India frankly generated a survey where the Angularjs Development Company in India discussed the parameters of gaining an Engineering job. Where, in today’s scenario engineering is no longer what you can pursue after you’ve got good grades at the time of your schooling, it is something which anyone having science background can opt for regardless of having required grades because many private institutions are offering to engineer by taking up a huge amount of money from students.

This is the reason why 94% of the engineering graduates complete their engineering but when it comes to hiring of students based on their skills and talent they fail as they did not get the field of their choice. Of course, If a person gets hired in any Mechanical Engineering company and has a strong interest in chemical engineering then he/she would ultimately fail to pass the hiring tests.

The major trend that has always been of most aspirants choosing after taking the science stream is Engineering, the brother of medical sciences otherwise. The basic idea of proof, of design, of production behind every scientific idea is engineering. The branch of science which converts all of its ideas, be it as vague and impossible they be, can be given a certain clarity, a certain sense of perfection by Engineering.

One of the most important branches of science not only involves logic but also a combination of innovation combined with an aptitude knowledge of that innovation related subject. Engineering is the basic science behind everything that we see around us be it as small as a nib of a pen or as big as a skyscraper, everything is made possible because of innovations done in engineering and by engineers.

Reasons why people fail engineering hiring test

1. Parental Pressure

Many people take up engineering because of the pressure from their parents, which is not good. Parents should analyze the caliber their child has. If he/she is denying to go into a particular profession then there might be some reasons behind that. Students should always go into the profession of their own choice. However, children at the time of choosing in which field they want to go are too young and hence sometimes choose the profession of their parents’ choice.

2. Poor Teaching Curriculum

If you’ll have a look at the syllabus of IT of any Engineering university you will realize how poor their teaching curriculum is. They are still teaching C, C++ at the time of high-end modernized languages like Java, Python, Swift, AngularJS etc.

3. More theory No practical

If you look at the studying structure of engineering students, you’ll get to know that they focus more on the theory part and less on the practical part. However, the practical part should be more than a theory because, at the end of the day, a student has to earn a living by performing the practical only. They should be given proper machine learning tutorials along with other practical knowledge.




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