Unique Properties Of Ecomass HD-Polymer That Makes It Best Lead-Substitute

Posted by Michael Luis on December 12th, 2021

Ecomass materials are unique in properties. They are graded as High-density raw materials. Due to its unique properties, the material is used widely in different applications.

You find manufacturers using more polymer materials for industrial, manufacturing, shielding and commercial applications. You will find high density polymers widely used for manufacturing residential and commercial materials.

•    The polymer material is bought in use within the medical equipment and machines
•    You also find household appliances using the polymer as external and internal body parts
•    The material is also used in ammunition manufacturing as a lead-free option

There are unique properties of HD polymers that you need to understand. These properties make the material different as compared to rare metals.

?    Durability

Metal is hard but not durable. Metal tends to dent and bend. If excess pressure is applied, any metal will break or crack. This means that metals have certain limitations. This is why metal is not considered highly durable.

But Ecomass material is highly durable. The polymer will withstand any impact. It also tends to bend to unexpected angles. The material will not easily break or crack. It can be heated and shaped. The material is very much stable as well.

?    Pollution-free

Lead is a metal that is toxic by nature when heated. It will give out toxins from getting over-heated. This means that the air around the place might not be safe to breathe in. It will also react with moisture and is unstable.

But HD polymer material is non-reactive by nature. It does not burn on reaching high temperatures. On impact, HD polymer may not produce toxins. This is why it is widely used in the making of ammunition. Rounds made up of polymer material will not pollute the surrounding air.

?    Maintenance-free

If you are using lead or any other similar metal, it may need a lot of maintenance any metal tends to corrode and rust with time. The metal will also lose its lustre with time. You may need to polish the outer layer of the metal.

But polymer materials do not need maintenance. This also makes the material cost-effective for use in the manufacturing units. Polymers do not have the property to rust. You may not need to keep painting the outer layer as well.

?    Sustainable

When speaking of Lead substitute polymer, one thing you can be sure of is that it is sustainable. The polymer can easily be recycled. This is one property that makes the material an ideal choice for use in the manufacturing industry.

As the material is easy to recycle, that means its cost can also be regulated. Lead metal on the other hand is not easy to recycle. The overall cost of extraction and recycling is a big amount. The process of recycling will also produce a lot of toxins.

You may need to use the chemical procedure to recycle lead. Polymers are easy to treat at a low temperature so the recycling process is more sustainable. You can look around for more information on the use of polymer materials in the manufacturing industry. Ecomass is easy to manufacture in the industries set up units as well.

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