IoT and Its Application in Temperature Monitoring

Posted by UbiBot on December 13th, 2021

IoT, which stands for the internet of things, means the modern intelligent devices getting interconnected to provide outputs that add more value to the places they are being used. Intelligent devices become smarter when they are connected to each other. Internet is becoming a vital part of the lifestyle, and when our devices containing industrial wireless sensors get connected via the internet, it gives us more comfort and convenience. There are many IoT platforms that provide cloud storage to connect smart devices to the internet and then to our phones or laptops.

Different kinds of industrial wireless sensors are used in places where monitoring is required. When these sensor-containing devices get connected, most things are automated and convenient to the user. Here are some areas where IoT can be helpful in temperature monitoring.

1. Laboratories – Different types of chemicals, samples, and other kinds of stuff are kept in laboratories which are necessary to be held in particular environmental conditions like temperature, humidity, etc. To monitor these conditions, smart devices can be used which are connected to the internet and thus enable remote monitoring of the concerned thing. 

2. Server rooms – Most of the offices with a network of computers have server rooms containing various types of machinery. These machines like storage devices and processors need to be cooled to keep the temperature under control and maintain their efficiency. Temperature sensors are used to keep a check on the heat to avoid major accidents. If these sensors are connected to any IoT platform via the internet, the cooling system can increase when the temperature increases. 

3. Greenhouse farms A greenhouse is a place where farming is done by controlling the environment of the tent. Crops that cannot grow in the standard climate condition of the area are grown inside these tents. The atmosphere of these tents is monitored and controlled by intelligent devices. If these intelligent devices are connected via the internet, they can function automatically by the command of the authorized person remotely. This use of smart thermometers can be an excellent example of IoT-based smart agriculture

4. Warehouses There are some things, in most cases consumable things, that are to be stored in particular environmental conditions to maintain their value in the market. The temperate can be monitored by IoT devices, decreasing the wastage of products by mishandling.

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