In the present, players need to accumulate "My Point"

Posted by FryeJacob on December 13th, 2021

For Sasha go to the store for clothing and NBA 2K22 MT Coins purchase a Principal Logo Hoodie. The team doesn\'t matter and you can purchase one for whichever team you\'d like to. After you\'ve purchased it, head over to City Runway and show it off. You\'ll receive a complete goal at this point, saying that the suit was approved by Sasha.

For Sarah, buy anything from the store to which her city of residence is. There have been reports that they\'ve accomplished this quest wearing either the Luka jersey or Adidas compression shirt Be sure to keep this in mind when the outfits in her city are not working. Once you\'ve got the dress then head over into the City Runway to fulfill this part of the quest.

For Apollo the players are required to wear khaki pants as well as a gray suit to satisfy the requirements. Once you have that, head into the City Runway to fulfill this aspect of the challenge and continue to the NBA game requirement.

In the present, players need to accumulate \"My Point\" experience points by completing tasks, professional games street basketball, and more. In turn, they can increase the character limit. To put it simply even if you own lots of VC Coins and you have raised all the abilities of Buy 2K22 MT your character up to the level of the best players at start of game play, they still must earn \"My Point\" experience through continuous play so that your players can become top NBA stars. .

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