Everything You Need to Know About Renowned Israeli Chefs

Posted by Samantha Mary Jones on December 14th, 2021

From scrumptious falafels to mouth-watering bourekas, Israel is home to some of the best food  in the world. While you may find many copies of traditional Israeli dishes around the world, the true essence of Israeli food can only be tasted when an Israeli chef makes it. 

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Moshik Roth 

If you’re looking for Israeli food that has a hint of other cultures, you need the recipes of renowned Israeli chef Moshik Roth. The culinary genius was born in Haifa, raised in Eilat, and he discovered his talent for making delectable food at an early age. 

He received two Michelin stars for the scrumptious food served in his restaurant in Amsterdam  just three months after opening. His culinary abilities landed him a seat on one of the most prestigious food programs known as ‘Chef’s Games.’

Yes, the pandemic has been difficult for Moshik Roth and his restaurant, but he’s looking to bounce back and open new restaurants in the future.

Gal Ben Moshe

If we think about some of the best Israeli chefs in the world, Gal Ben Moshe’s name always pops up. He was raised in Rishon Leizon, a small city near the central Israel coastline. He has worked in numerous Israeli restaurants, including Orca, Mul Yam, Tazza D’Oro. 

After gaining enough experience from local cafes and getting all the knowledge about the Israeli food culture, he traveled to Berlin, where he opened his first restaurant. One of his creations includes tweaking the classic Falafel to adjust with the flavors in Berlin. He has gained a lot of popularity for it. His restaurant also serves the best Israeli wines and renowned appetizers. 

With the top-quality food served at his restaurant, he deserved to earn the one Michelin star he received and is working toward getting more.


Zohar Zohar

Zohar Zohar is one of the most prominent female Israeli chefs. She opened up her bakery in Manhattan in 2011, and has never looked back. The locals love the cookies she makes using her grandmother’s classic Israeli cookie recipe. The cookies are filled with cinnamon and coconut, which adds to the flavor.

She runs this bakery with her husband and produces a wide range of Israeli treats, including chocolate balls, nutty loaves, honey and almond-filled sweet ‘fingers’, and much more.


Nir Mesika

Born and raised in northern Israel, Nir Mesika went to the Bishum Culinary School in Tel Aviv, where he developed his magical cooking skills. From working as a sous chef at a seafood restaurant in Tel Aviv, to opening his kosher restaurant in Italy, Nir Mesika has made a lasting impression with his food everywhere he goes. 

Even though his restaurant in Italy was highly successful, he returned to Israel looking for a new culinary challenge. He worked at various restaurants in Israel, including Catit and Mizlala. 

After he married, he moved to New York with his wife, where he opened his famous restaurant, ‘Timna.’ Everyone loves his tasty food, and luckily his cafe was voted the best restaurant in 2015 by USA Today. 

With his restaurant located in the heart of New York, he aims to spread Israeli culture and food traditions to excite the  American palate. His menu is a mix of modern Israeli cooking styles and Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and African food traditions.

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