The History of Rugs

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Looking at the bold geometric or floral patterns of a fine Oriental carpet seems to have a distinct effect on people. The art of weaving rugs is ancient, but just how Ancient? 


When it comes to rugs and their history, Centuries ago people living in the tribes would use weeds and the long grass to construct the oldest carpets that were primitive structures to keep the ground warm during colder days.


Coming onward over 5000 years back, there were nomadic tribes who used the hides and skin of animals to make the ancient rugs. Nomadic people have made rugs by using hand-weaving techniques by using camel, sheep, and goat hair. In addition, Dynamic rugs were used in ancient gardens. Through extensive research by archaeologists, has revealed that carpets were common back over 4000 years ago during the Egyptian and Mesopotamian eras.


The word rug is derived from the term “rugged’ ‘this term also defines the deeper and comparatively shaggier and more massive piles. On the other hand, carpet is the opposite of rugs, carpets are meant to cover the entire floor. 


When Was Carpet Invented?

One of the oldest carpets was the pazyryk carpet, which existed in 500 BC. This carpet was found in Siberia in 1949. Even though it is old, the mat was designed with intricate and advanced designs, and lovely fibers and colors.


Sometimes when you ask where rugs originated, some people might say Turkey or Iran, but the accurate answer is in Armenia in the 7th century BC or earlier.


Today, we are still leaning towards using ancient rugs in our homes. Usually, traditional rugs have an ancient appearance. The use of rugs as floor covers has been around since the evolution of humans. They were used to sleep on and to provide comfort and protected sleep. It was primarily used to provide warmth during cold days. 


Today, rugs are designed and constructed using machines. Machine-made rugs are relatively less expensive and easier to afford. 


If you are thinking about redecorating your living space, one of the best options is to consider the timeless elegance of authentic ancient garden rugs. A variety of styles are available in a large range of colors and weaves that will complement any home decor.


These area rugs are unique and machine-made. These mats can never replace the real beauty of the Antient rugs and handmade rugs are still sold in many places throughout the world.


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