Post Clock Is The Best Option When You Need Outdoor Clocks For Your City

Posted by Chomko LA on December 14th, 2021

Street clocks are used extensively by most outdoor applications, and golf course is not an exception to that fact. One of the pre-requisite of a golf course clock is that it has to be visible across the green. Golf clocks are mostly posted clocks as they have to stand tall and be visible to the audience. The game of golf hugely depends on the time provided by these lone-standing clocks so it is necessary that they are mounted on tall posts. They are basically a street clock model but in some cases, they are exclusive and exceptional as they also show remaining time in a play. It actually means that golf course clocks are installed to start and finish the game according to a schedule, and in between remind players of remaining time in a course.  This makes them special and instrumental in keeping the tempo of play. These are indispensable pieces of time mechanisms that are fabricated and installed especially for the greens.

A city clock can be both a post and a building clock. For the streets, you will need clocks that are lone-standing and not encroaching on public space. Post-mounted clocks are appropriate for the street as they will be visible from a long distance. Another feature that is required for the clock is its ability to sustain itself. The latest technologies clocks come with GPS thus are able to obtain time from time satellites. This way you won’t need to depute someone to synchronize the clocks as they are self-updating time using GPS. When you plant so many clocks on the street you cannot possibly afford to provide an electric outlet for them. For this, you can opt for clocks that can run on solar power. Solar-powered outdoor clocks are highly in fashion and they save money, time, and power for you.

Post clocks are easy to install. They will need hardly 1 or 2 square feet of space to install. All you need is to bolt it down on the ground with grouting. There is no high technique involved in the process and it can be done in real quick time. The 24” lone standing clocks from classic designs will suit your town’s ambiance. These are elegant-looking clocks that can show accurate time while providing fantastic ornamental value to your city streets, public places, commercial establishments, and educational and other institutions. They offer the twin benefits of time telling and ornamenting your city streets and buildings and you can buy them from online sources that can offer you variety and prices.

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