Tips And Preventive Maintenance Of The Conveyor Belt

Posted by Claire Smith on December 15th, 2021

Conveyor belt systems have a vital role in the performance and productivity of many industries (pharmaceutical, construction, mining, petrochemical, food, and more). The conveyor belting system is the base pillar in the efficiency of warehouses and supply centers. The purpose of the maintenance conveyor is to confirm efficient operation and minimize its future failures. The periodic reviews of conveyors are also a predictive maintenance character. It uses the necessary technical means to permit you to anticipate possible future failures. You can detect any probable failures that have a significant economic value for the company. However, it has an essential reduction of costs. Conveyor belt preventive maintenance is necessary for its proper function and long operational life.

It is essential to follow the below four basic principles to carry out correct preventive maintenance belt conveyor:

The maintenance task requires specific technical knowledge. You can carry it out by certified and experienced personnel. Moreover, the following are all safety measures detailed in the particular maintenance protocols of the conveyor system.

The maintenance must be involuntary and adjusted to the workload in each productive moment. You can try it to minimize downtime and prevent possible loss of productivity.

You can replace all the elements in the maintenance; you can adjust to the technical data of the equipment on which it may work. It guarantees both the correct operation of the conveyor belt and the operation\'s protection.

Preventive maintenance of conveyor belts involves:

  •          Adjustment of the conveyor belt
  •          Cleaning and oiling of rolling elements
  •          Checking security and protection systems
  •          Comprehensive documentation of the maintenance work carried out
  •          Replacement of damaged or dented elements
  •          You can inspect hydraulic or oil leaks, condition of electrical connections, clearances

However, specialized technicians can perform the specific technical aspects of maintenance. Moreover, you can perform some factors of preventive care almost daily by the personnel responsible for the equipment. These are cleaning, greasing tasks, and the verification of security systems and alarms. Specialized staff can carry out all the aspects that require the replacement of pieces or dismantling structures of the conveyor belt.

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