I'm not sure why people claim it's difficult to be a rogue

Posted by FryeJacob on December 15th, 2021

For the moment in the present, a mage who is 70 years old can use a single button to WOW Classic TBC Gold gain pve. If they aren\'t out of dps but, he can compete with a geared wizard in DPS. Alongside water and food for the team, buffing is also recommended. Also, aoe is essential.

We do a decent job of DPS but we aren\'t bringing much to the team. No AOE, b+ tier damage, no buffs. If you only have one or two slots, don\'t bring them. They also share a lot of their loot with two classes who bring items to the group.

I\'m not sure why people claim it\'s difficult to be a rogue, and to get invited to groups. I was a rogue and I managed to form my own groups. You are able to create your own groups even if are unable to get accepted to any. You can choose the gear you\'d like, and only invite those who do not need it. This is one of the best parts about creating your own groups. I was able full bis since I invited people who didn\'t require leather equipment.

Because I don\'t want to tank as you would. ...? Why must I do 1k+ dps when I could do 500-600 overall dps (I\'ve done 950 dps on certain boss battles, believe it or not) Also, take off heal whenever needed, off tank when required, use battle res to keep the party from wiping after a player makes a mistake or gets hurt, internalize the healer and offer everyone in the group an extra 5% crit?

Yes, my alt is a wild. Even though I tend to tank, at times I just want to relax and earn badges. It\'s so frustrating when the team is doing AOE pulls while I\'m sitting there, giggling at every mob that dies before I earn 5 combination points. Unfortunately, Cat doesn\'t shine in buy TBC Classic Gold five mens. The utility you mentioned is certainly nice. If you have an arcane magick in the group they certainly enjoy the insiders and it makes me feel better about my personal DPS.

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