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Posted by Nadia Winget on December 17th, 2021

If you\'re looking for a way to make your office more environmentally conscious, then consider switching out paper products by getting your eco-friendly stationery online in Sri Lanka. Sustainable stationery is becoming more and more popular as people learn the importance of taking care of our environment. Not only will this be better for the Earth, but it can also save you money in the long run.

There are many things that you can do to create an eco-friendlier environment in the office. One of the best things you can do is to replace paper products with sustainable stationery. This includes items such as office supplies, notepads and more. When it comes to buying these types of products, always make sure that they are made from recycled materials or plant-based cellulose fibres. These papers will be able to decompose much faster than other types of paper.

Not only can office sustainability help save money and resources, it can also improve your brand image. People will appreciate that you are thinking about our environment and show how much they care to do something about it as well.

Save the environment by using recycled paper

Recycled paper is very common these days and you can find it in many different products. By using recycled paper, you are helping the environment because less trees need to be cut down to produce brand new sheets of paper, so why not use what is already available?

In addition, there are also stationery and paper products made from animal waste, such as elephant dung, which can be used to make beautiful and unusual stationery items like notepads, paper, board, and even invitation cards. Products made with these make great eco-friendly gifts in Sri Lanka as well.

According to the UNEP (United Nations Environmental Program), it takes about 20 years for one tree to grow, but only a few moments of work with recycled paper can save an entire forest. Recycled stationery items are not just more sustainable than brand new ones, they also look so much prettier.

Help animals by using paper made without animal products or deforestation

Deforestation is a big problem that many countries are facing globally. By using recycled paper, you can reduce the impact that deforestation has on the environment. Using recycled paper promotes saving trees and also helps to preserve our forests in a healthy way for future generations.

Not only is recycling paper better for the planet, it is also better for animals. By using recycled paper, you are helping to protect wildlife like elephants who need habitat spaces due to poaching or loss of their natural homes. Additionally, by choosing not to use products made with animal parts (like gelatine), you can help save countless lives of innocent creatures each year. This includes cows, pigs, chickens and more. When we choose vegan-friendly stationery options instead of those produced with animal cruelty, we are showing kindness toward all beings big and small alike and it just feels good too.

Support local businesses and reduce your carbon footprint

Many of these eco-friendly stationery products are made by small businesses around the world. Buying directly from them is a great way to support small businesses, reduce carbon emissions and keep more dollars in your local economy. These small businesses are run by people in rural and small communities trying to earn an income for themselves, as well as providing jobs for other in their communities and villages.

In addition, by buying from these small businesses, you are reducing, or even eliminating, the amount of carbon emissions your stationery purchase causes. By purchasing local items over imported goods, you are helping to reduce pollution and create a more sustainable economy in your own community.

Using sustainable stationery is beneficial for everyone because it helps reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills each year. It also reduces the demand on natural resources including trees, oil, coal energy and fresh water supplies. Every purchase you make has an environmental impact either positive or negative about whether something was made sustainably or not, so try to pick products with a low ecological footprint. Using recycled content instead of virgin sources is one great way to do this. Another good practice would be avoiding excess packaging as much as possible too. Before purchasing anything ask yourself “do I really need this?”.

Helping with protecting the environment is a responsibility that we all share. Together, we can make a difference by buying local and sustainable stationery and other products, because if we don\'t start today even in a small way, we may not have a planet to live in the future. It is up to each and every one of us, as individuals, as communities and as organisations to make changes in the way we do things on a daily basis to help the environment and prevent depletion of our natural resources.

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