Why Does Responsive Website Design Matters For Your Business?

Posted by NTSPL on December 17th, 2021

As technologies and consumer habits evolve every year, we see various SEO algorithms and the emergence of different digital tools. As more and more consumers are shifting to hand-held mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, there\'s no denying that a mobile-friendly web design becomes important.

Do you have a business that is growing at a rapid pace? Or have you started a business recently? In both cases, you must have already learned about the importance of a digital presence - a website for your brand awareness. New or existing - you need to focus on some of the essential factors while building a website today. For a successful business website, you must focus on responsive design, optimization, reliable hosting, etc.

But today, our focus is on responsive design and why it is so essential for a successful business website. If your website doesn\'t have a responsive design yet, hire a responsive web design company in India right away.

But let\'s first understand what Responsive Web Design is?

Many responsive web design companies in India will advise you on building or optimizing your existing website for a responsive web design. A responsive web design is a design that automatically scales its elements and contents to meet the requirements of any screen size or device from where the site is accessed. While accessing a responsive website, you will not see an image larger than the screen width.

With a responsive web design, you can eliminate unnecessary resizing, zooming, scrolling to read the content effectively. Having a responsive web design will eliminate the requirement of a different version of the same website. A responsive web design is, however, different from a mobile-friendly web design.

A mobile-friendly web design is used to adapt a website that has been explicitly built for desktops to smaller screens. Many businesses try to fill the requirement of a responsive website with a mobile-friendly web design.

Mobile-friendly web design is easy to build, but this method will not be successful if one fails to follow mobile-friendly web design tips.

On the other hand, a responsive web design is capable of responding to any device that a user uses to access a website. If you have a responsive website, it will automatically reformat itself to work and look great no matter what device you are using to access the website.

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Here are some benefits of a responsive web design that you cannot get in a mobile-friendly web design.


Many website owners build two different sites to reach the maximum number of their target audience. Two different websites mean having two different URLs for mobile and non-mobile users separately. Maintaining two URLs requires extra cost, even if it is the same version of a single website.

But you can use responsive website design services to convert your website to be a responsive website. This will eliminate the cost of maintaining a mobile user-specific website. A single website will be compatible with all devices on an equal basis.

Ease of Management

Having a responsive website makes many other aspects of your management process easy and hassle-free. When it comes to small businesses, time is valuable, and updating their website\'s visual aspects to the latest trends is not always on their priority list. Had it been for large business websites, hiring a responsive web design company in India will eliminate all the issues and cover all the necessary tasks. But a responsive website makes updating and changing the website quickly and easily without using responsive website design services.

Even marketing is easier when you have only one website. You will not have to confuse yourself over which site to link when you\'re trying to put links on social media platforms.

Unavoidable Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Most websites and businesses are trying to sit at the top of Google\'s SERPs because the closer you get to the top, the more chance your potential customers find you. And this is why using strategies like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the unavoidable aspects of every website.

Google and other search engines promote and recommend responsive websites in their SERPs. It is because often, users have a better experience when the website loads faster and perform better.

Google announced back in 2015 that mobile-friendliness would be another factor for ranking in its SERPs. Many responsive web design companies in India can help you with their responsive website design services to optimize your website to be responsive.

Enhanced User Experience

For a business, user experience is essential. And your professionalism will appear in every aspect of your business, from customer service to website performance. If you want your customers or target audience to return to your website, you cannot have a slow loading and poor-performing website.

As long as your site\'s elements don\'t have proper resolution, your site will look unprofessional. Eventually, it will affect the user experience and overall impression of the site. Users will have a more enjoyable user experience due to using responsive website design services, which will improve the performance of your website and the design of your website.


Are you looking for a responsive web design company in India that provides you with professional, responsive website design services? NTSPL is one of India\'s top responsive web design companies that provide high-quality and affordable responsive website design services.

As an affordable responsive web design company in India, its responsive website design services have custom and flexible budgets.

NTSPL has created several responsive websites for various industries, so you can be confident that you will get a high-quality, professional, and feature-rich site that will make your company look fantastic.

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