What is Website Monitoring? Why is it Important?

Posted by NTSPL on December 17th, 2021

Gone are the days when websites were basic and simple pages on the internet that gave you information. Over the past decades, technological advancement has led to much more complex and detail-oriented websites that enable users to carry out online transactions, shopping, managing finances, connecting with brands and people, etc.

In a world of immense competition, ensuring your website performs at an optimum level must be prioritized. The speed and availability of a website are crucial operational aspects. Search engine rankings and conversion rates suffer when websites are slow or go down. This can potentially have financial and reputational consequences. So, to avoid these situations, website monitoring plays a vital role in optimal functioning with the help of website monitoring tools.

What is website monitoring?

Website monitoring is the process of consistently inspecting the functionality and capabilities of the site to ensure that everything runs effectively. Web developers and analysts could apply website monitoring data to spot trends and reveal predictions. Using website monitoring, you can fine-tune and improve your operation as a whole. This is because it provides crucial insights and business-critical data that marketing management teams can use to develop, create campaigns, and better interact with demographics.

NTSPL Website Monitoring Service –

NTSPL helps you protect your website from hackers and secure your website with the SiteLock website monitoring tool.

  • Removes potentially harmful malware from your website on an automatic basis.
  • With industry-leading firewall protection, you can completely keep hackers away from your website.
  • With the SiteLock Seal, you can give your visitors confidence that their information is safe on your website.
  • Find out if your website is infected with malware.

Need For Website Monitoring

Now that we have established a brief overview of website monitoring let\'s look into why monitoring your website is beneficial.

  1. Improve Your Performance: The only way to enhance the performance of your website is to understand how it functions. Website monitoring includes a wide variety of factors that might have an impact on a website’s performance. Network, database, server connection, bandwidth, and domain name system records are all examples of these factors. Some of the website monitoring tools that improve performances are Freshping, Pingdom, and New Relic.
  2. Protection From Cyber Attacks: Websites and online data are becoming increasingly vulnerable to malware assaults, viruses, phishing efforts, breaches, and intrusions. As a result, it’s all about limiting the damage before it happens because assaults are unavoidable no matter what. SiteLock website monitoring tool scans for malware in your website and removes it to ensure no harm is caused to the site or users.
  3. Prevent Revenue Loss: Each one of your site’s visitors is a potential customer. Whether you are selling products or making money through advertisements, you’ll need consumers to make money. Not fixing a broken website as soon as possible entails revenue loss. Keeping track of the website’s uptime, speed, and security is essential in enhancing revenue flow.
  4. Boost Customer’s Trust: Customers are increasingly looking for a security indicator before entering personal or financial information on the internet. Demonstrating the SiteLock Security Seal helps to create customer confidence and enhance sales conversion rates.

Do only large financial institutions and corporate websites get targeted by hackers?

According to estimates from the US Secret Service and Verizon Wireless, 64 percent of online data breaches affect businesses with fewer than 100 employees. You don\'t want your customers to encounter Google\'s dreaded malware screen when they visit your website. Your reputation will suffer as a result, and you will lose out on important sales. It\'s time to retaliate. It\'s time to activate the SiteLock website monitoring tool.


In today\'s competitive world, ensuring that your website attracts the most traffic is of utmost importance. While businesses may employ their webmasters and developers to design and administer their website, tracking its performance is an entirely different venture. To get more accurate data about the functioning and success rate of the website, website monitoring is a must. Tools such as the SiteLock website monitoring tool, Freshping, New Relic, etc., are definitely worth using to achieve optimum performance.

NTSPL is partnered with SiteLock, the world\'s leading provider of website security solutions. NTSPL provides round-the-clock assistance to ensure top-notch security solutions support and services customers. NTSPL’s expert security specialist advisor can assist you in determining the most appropriate security solutions for your company\'s needs and budget.

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