15 Best Bulk SMS Providers in India

Posted by BULK SMS PLANS on December 18th, 2021

This raises the question of what do you need to consider when making your decision on which provider you’d like to collaborate with is among the top SMS service providers in India? When we came up with this list We wanted to highlight both SMS companies that serve medium-sized and small enterprises and provide large enterprise customers. A number of businesses from India which began in India with bulk SMS have evolved into fully-fledged CPaaS platforms. For example, Kalyera, born out of the merger between Solution Infini and Italian-based Messaging services provider Ubiquity It has made it to the top list of CPaaS providers worldwide. This list is by no means complete and is not the first step to determine your bulk SMS service provider in India Best Bulk SMS Providers in India.

1. Bulksmsplans

Bulksmsplans is one of the biggest and most popular bulk messaging providers. They are committed to increasing sales and putting customer satisfaction first. processes smarter messaging campaigns, instantly for the secondary OTP service, as well as other fast and rapid notifications as well as two-way communication. Large-scale and local companies alike use Bulksmsplans service. Text Local helps to sustain small-scale enterprises and increase their sales while connecting them to customers.

2. Fast2SMS 

Fast2SMS is a well-known bulk messaging service that specializes in the delivery of fast DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) SMS, which offers advertising, promotional OTP, API, and other messages. They also offer other options, such as the scheduling of your messages to go out at a particular date or frequency, or even making them available at certain intervals.

3. 2Factor 

2Factor is a dependable SMS gateway that supports pay-per-delivered OTP that is believed to be between 2 and 6 seconds speedy. It offers API variants across promotional, transactional telephone verification, transactional, and two-way SMS categories. In addition, to paying per delivery, this service also protects users’ privacy and also provides an algorithm for routing that is unique to send failed messages to backup operators.

4. TextGuru 

A variety of brands such as Bharat Petroleum Hero Motorcorp, Punjab National Bank as well as others rely on TextGuru’s services to manage their messages. It is an approved bulk SMS aggregator from TRAI.

5. Exotel

 Exotel is one of the top bulk SMS service providers in India. The cloud-based telephony platform provides communications for startups, enterprises as well as small and medium-sized businesses throughout India along with Southeast Asia.

6. Knowlarity 

More than 6000 organizations in 65 nations rely on the services of Knowlarity to run their businesses. The company offers transactions and promotional SMS for customers.

7.Value First

Value First was set up in 2003 as an enterprise-level communication platform that connects businesses to their customers. Value First today supports 4 Billion transactions per month for its clients. By 2021 the business was bought by Twilio. Twilio is the top cloud-based communication and customer engagement platform with its headquarters located in San Francisco, CA.


Infobip is a global leader in omnichannel communication, offering the use of a variety of tools, messaging channels, and solutions to improve user interaction with the customer, as well as authentication and security. Infobip has more than 65 offices across six continents and more than 3,000 experts. Infobip provides more than 100 billion messages per year and is directly connected to 650 international telecom partners which connect to 65 percent of the world’s mobile phones.


Gupshup is an online messaging company that has its main operations in India and the US as well as the UK. Gupshup offers SMS as well as email, Voice, USSD, and IP chatbot development and messaging services to top BFSI, Retail, e-commerce businesses. Gupshup is today one of the most popular bulk SMS companies in India.


Route Mobile is a cloud communications platform that is with its headquarters within Mumbai, India. It has offices across more than 15 cities all over Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and North America.RouteMobile offers its services to businesses, over-the-top (OTT) players, as well as mobile network operators (MNO).

11.SMS Horizon

SMS Horizon is a one-stop solution for the needs of messaging, regardless of the fact that you are looking to promote for a low cost or if you are looking to reach an enormous number of people. The platform comes with an online interface, Excel plugin tool, API integration, and various other protocols, including SMPP, HTTP, and XML.


AcceptSMS has revolutionized the way in which bulk messaging platforms function. It focuses on offering companies with services through WhatsApp as the top of the social media platforms that are private. They guarantee speed and delivery, as well as greater connectivity compared to the other platforms

13.SMS Root

With one of the lowest rates in a crowded industry, SMS Root is a very popular bulk messaging service. They send two lakh messages for promotional purposes for Rs.10000 as well as 2 lakh transactions at a cost of the equivalent of Rs. 14000. It provides 24/7 SMS delivery with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.


Kaleyra is an API-based platform that supplies companies with personalized messages chatbots, chatbots, programable voice services, as well as others. Kaleyra’s services are backed by Fortune500 businesses, the top OTTs, OTT, and 30+ major banks across the globe. Kaleyra’s powerful SMS APIs guarantee 99.99 100% availability and a lightning-fast response time in 5 ms or less.

15.SMS Gateway Hub

SMS Gateway Hub is a quick, efficient, and reliable messaging platform that offers large-scale bulk SMS text messaging to companies and organizations of any size. You can sign-up for no cost and even sign up as a reseller.

Final Thoughts

When selecting a bulk SMS provider, take into consideration the following aspects: ROI, customer support ability to access SMS APIs and the ability that is offered to scale and price, data security, and the least amount of downtime. We hope that you find this list of 15 top bulk SMS companies in India helpful, and as stated, this isn’t an exhaustive list. Use this as a starting point for your lookup.

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