Why Thermoplastics Are So Popular In Modern Engineering?

Posted by Michael Luis on December 18th, 2021

When it comes to modern engineering, thermoplastics are stretching the limits of possibility. It is a durable high-density material, which is used in various engineering fields. Some properties of this material are so good that it often outclass metallic materials.

Another factor that is making thermoplastics so popular in the engineering community is its inexpensive price. Due to this reason, smart engineers are selecting engineered thermoplastics for extreme jobs. Let’s learn which industries are currently using thermoplastics and what benefit they are getting from this material.

?    Thermoplastics Usage In Different Industries

Thermoplastics are so versatile that you can use them in different fields. Due to this reason, various engineered products use this material widely. Here are some industries that have been impressed after seeing its versatile properties.

•    Medical Sector
•    Sports sector
•    Heavy industry
•    Ammunition industry

?    Medical Sector

Cancer is a deadly disease, and radiation therapy is often required to treat the patient. At the time of giving this therapy, health care professionals often need proper radiation shielding. Conventional lead shielding is effective, but its heavyweight makes it cumbersome to use. For this reason, the health care sector is looking for a different type of radiation shielding that will be easy to use.

Many people don’t know that the density of thermoplastic is similar to lead. Hence, this material can be used for radiation shielding. Modern generation thermoplastic radiation shielding is very light in weight. Hence, radiation therapists prefer thermoplastic radiation shielding for safety.

?    Sports Sector

The sports sector is also incorporating modern materials for making better sports equipment. Sports equipment made from thermoplastic can deliver better results in the game. It can be a defining piece of equipment, which can make the difference between win & loss.

For example, some golf club manufacturers are using thermoplastic for making new types of golf clubs. These golf clubs conserve kinetic energy effectively. As a result, these golf clubs can let the player make long-distance shots without much effort. Many professional golfers use this type of golf club in the tournament and win it very easily.

?    Heavy Industry

Heavy industries often use big pieces of machinery, which make a lot of vibration. If you don’t control this vibration effectively, then it could destroy the inner parts of the machinery. Thermoplastics can provide an effective solution to this problem. Vibration dampening properties of this material protect it from inside damage.

Thermoplastic dampeners soak vibration waves and dissipate the energy effectively. This material is famous for its longevity and you don’t have to do any maintenance. Currently, most industries are choosing thermoplastics dampeners over other types of dampeners.

The engineering sector of this era has become very demanding. Fulfilling these demands with conventional materials has become nearly impossible. For this reason, you need to try new materials to fulfill all these engineering demands.

You would be happy to know that thermoplastic is made to match the demand of the modern era. Hence, you can use this material in various engineering sectors. Most engineers have become satisfied after seeing its longevity & versatile use.


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