Where is the best place to get dental implants in India?

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Dental implants are now considered the standard of treatment in dentistry for prosthetic restoration of missing teeth. A dental implant is a surgical device put into the jawbone to integrate with the bone over time. It replaces the root of lost teeth. Then these artificial tooth roots hold new teeth, bridges, and dentures in place. A dental implant gives consistent assistance you can rely on while speaking and eating. It has a 98 percent success rate. For this reason and its numerous advantages, dental implants are often recommended by the Best Dentist in Kolkata as the best option for permanently replacing missing teeth.

Why are dental implants so popular?

  • High rate of success: Dental implants with proper planning and maintenance have better survival rates than other tooth-replacement methods. Healthy people have the best chances of having successful implants.
  • You can replace as many teeth as you require: Dental implants support anything from a single crown to a complete arch denture. The artificial teeth are too strong and can withstand heavier weight than natural teeth.
  • Reduce bone loss: When a tooth is missing, the jaw bone in the empty region deteriorates owing to a lack of stimulation. If no implant is implanted within the first year of tooth loss, the bone area loses 25% of its volume, and this bone loss continues over time. A dental implant replaces both the tooth and the root, and chewing is restored to normal. Thus it stimulates natural bone growth.

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