Questions You Must Ask Your Career Counsellor! Find Out Here

Posted by University Leap on December 18th, 2021

Thinking of consulting a career counsellor but don’t know what to ask? Don’t worry. It is absolutely normal for people to get overwhelmed with the number of questions they have in their mind when they visit a counsellor and equally normal to forget almost half of them at the right time. So, here are some of those “most important” questions that you should pen down and ask your consultant without fail.

  1. How do I take advantage of my strengths?

This question is very important to make a wise career choice. Taking a psychometric test and finding your strengths will make you more confident about yourself. So you can ask your counsellor the multiple ways in which you can use those strengths and improvise them with the time to achieve your goals.

  1. How should I work on my weaknesses?

Another thing that you must ask your education counsellor is about ways of improving your weaknesses. Working on your weaknesses and converting them into your strengths will ease out multiple struggles of your life, including getting admission to your Dream College or course.

  1. What are the most growing job fields globally?

You need to ask your consultant about the future implications your learning will have. Meaning, you need to explore all the opportunities that you can get after completing a particular course because ultimately, what matters is your happiness and stability. 

  1. How can I improve my chances of getting admission to an overseas university?

Getting admission into any of the top most colleges abroad can be difficult. So ask your counsellor how you can fill engaging content in your application form, write an effective Statement of Purpose (SOP) and reflect your strengths & achievements better to leave a lasting impression on the selection board.

  1. What do I need to focus more upon?

It can be deciphered from your visit to a career counsellor that you are unsure about the paths you have in mind. Hence, before leaving their office ask your consultant about the further course of action and the things you need to focus upon more to lead a successful and happy life. Besides, it is advised to take one-on-one career counselling in Delhi from an experienced counsellor to get the latest & relatable advice.

Apart from these basic yet important questions, ask your counsellor about every doubt you have in mind so that you can proceed on the suggested path with a free mind.

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