Different types of motorcycle tyres and how to choose the right one for your mot

Posted by Nadia Winget on December 20th, 2021

Motorcycle tyres are an important part of your bike. They provide the grip you need to stay in control and keep you safe on the road. There is a wide range of types available, and it can be difficult to know what type is right for your motorbike, especially when buying tyres online in Sri Lanka, since the choices can be vast.

The tyres on your motorcycle are the only contact point your bike has with the road and hence it is important to ensure you have the correct type for your bike and that they are in good condition.

Types of motorcycle tyres

  •        Standard - these are the original type for your motorbike. They have a wire-bead on all sides, which gives them additional strength and makes it easier to fit over the rim of your wheel.
  •        Tubeless - these do not have beads or wires around them, so they are much lighter than standard motorcycle types. However, they can require more skill to fit them well.
  •        Touring - these are also often called \"tubes\", as they have a rubber bag or tube sewn inside them which contains your air pressure. This means that you will need an inner tube when fitting them onto your motorbike, however it is easy to replace them if needed.
  •        Sport - sometimes referred to as \'slicks\', this type does not have any grooves on their surface and therefore give much less grip than other types. You should only ever use this type for racing purposes. Sports motorcycle tyre prices in Sri Lanka are very high since they are very special.

Which is right for you based on the type of bike you have and how often you use it?

Once you know what type of bike you own, choosing the correct motorcycle tyre becomes easier.

-      Sport: As we mentioned above, this type is only suitable for racing and should never be used on the road.

-      Road/commuting: These types have grooves all over their surface which helps to give them much more grip than other types such as sports. These are ideal if your bike will be doing short trips down country lanes but not great for motorway driving due to the reduced grip they offer at high speeds.

-      Touring: The best option if you plan on travelling long distances regularly as these tend to perform well whatever terrain or weather conditions they come up against.

How to maintain your tyre pressure so that it remains effective over time

Maintaining your tyres well is very important because it will prevent them from deteriorating over time. While you can easily buy motorcycle tyres online in Sri Lanka, due to their high price it is best to try and use your current ones for as long as possible. This is why you should make sure to check them regularly for any signs of damage, including anything that might be lodged inside the grooves or treads on the surface. If there are any noticeable bulges in these areas then this could mean that debris has managed to get stuck inside and needs removing immediately before it becomes a full-blown puncture.

The importance of checking the tread depth before every ride

When using a motorcycle, you should always remember to check the tread depth before taking off on a ride because it can have an impact on your safety. While you might think that all types are built from the same material and offer similar levels of protection, this is actually not true at all. Motorcycle tyres come in many different shapes and sizes so make sure you know exactly what type will suit your motorbike best.

If there isn\'t enough rubber touching the road then you won\'t be able to stay safe while riding over speed bumps or roads where debris has fallen onto the surface; conditions like these could easily cause damage if they aren\'t handled properly by high-quality motorcycle tyres with plenty of grip. If there is still some life left in your current ones, but its condition looks poor, then you may need to consider buying a pair of new set for safety reasons.

Why knowing about these things can save your life one day!

Knowing how to properly check and maintain each and every part of your motorcycle can save your life one day on the road. When your motorcycle’s tyres are not properly maintained there is a much higher risk of a blowout which could cause you to lose control and crash.

While they can be very expensive to replace, you should never compromise on the safety of your motorcycle. If you are ever in need to replace or renew your existing ones, make sure that you get them checked by a professional first who can tell you the best replacements for your motorbike and budget.

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